Saturday, September 03, 2005

Collleg has begun..and is in full swing at that! Its just the same old story but the tension levels are high for a no. of reasons ,namely:

1. I am in third year ( you are supposed to gape and shriek at that, by the way) .
2.The campus placements begin at the end of this year.
3. So all throughout this year we shall be given graphic reasons why no (read NO) company will take us.
4. I am not that intersted in placements right now, but then i also know that if i do not get a placement i shall be howling and crying like crazy ( i wonder if that would qualify as abnormal behaviour.?)
5.What i am intersted in is MBA, so at times ( atleast ) i will have to study for CAT also. Thats added pressure...
6.I need to get a life...
7.I do not know how to get one.
8. i need to stop being such a looser...
9. I do not know how to stop being one..
I am just feeling extremely irritated at i dont know what..!!!!Well anyways i guess most people are bugged up about what s happening in their lives when they do not have any real cuase to be bugged up..I guess i'm just one of those people...

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dotty_pixie said...

im running away to australia..coming?vl set up a gorgeous guys nd wear short skirts..wat say??
im jus sik of this rather live sum1 else's for a day..