Wednesday, August 17, 2005

It does come to mind ( often at that too) what life has in store for me. I mean there are loads of things i know here is no use thinking about coz i know thinkung wont help in the least but i cant help but wonder.
Like what would i be like in say exactly 10 years. I would be 31 at that time and some very important decisions would have been made by then( hopefully).Would i be fat or remain slim? Would i have started looking real jaded and thorougly bored with life?
Would i be doing a typical and regular 9 to 5 job or i would have found my true calling( i really have no idea even now what my calling would be like!!) And so on and so forth..Would be realtively healthy...Which city would i be in? Would i have good friends?..and so and so forth....
I have started feeling( i now i degress here ..) very strongly about CAT, though i do realise that this is what i have to do, but then i want to know why? You know the worst part is that i dont even want the money! Money is essential but not worth the hell that i will have to go through to get througha good b- school...I have no idea.. the funniest part is that i dont even like the concept of a 9 to 5 job. Every thing that a real good B school so faithfully promises is low on my priority list.. then WHY????
But then i think i like the concept of studying further. Btech from here shall NOT suffice, i need another degree. However a M.Tech is not even an option because i simply hate technology ( i mean i dont hate using it, i just hate learing it and making it and so on..) GRE does not point in going abroad when your parents are earning money in rupees. So, there i am without any more options ... sO I guess i will do an MBA no matter how much useless i find it:)

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dotty_pixie said...

doesn't everybody wonder?wonder where they are at..what they're doing there?its a question of living upto unformulated expectations..
being insecure is sometimes what keeps us going..and sometimes what stops us from going on.
'if its meant for you,it shall not pass you by'