Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Twenty seconds with a legendary batsman

So there I was, late evening , at the Heathrow airport ready to fly to India for a 4 day trip (it royally messes with the body clock , by the way, to travel to india for a 4 day holiday but more on that later) when i saw him.

Busy day at work, followed by frantic packing and then a hurried cab ride to the airport- I was fairly tired and all that i wanted to do was to get on the plane and doze off .(No, as luck would have it, I did not sleep even one bit on the plane)

So, well, there was the man who had just caught my attention. He seemed oddly familiar.

It took me a few seconds to realise that the slight man standing but a few feet from me filling out some form could be the legendary batsman, Mr Sunil Gavaskar. Sid and I walked past him but we were still not sure.

I went back to grab a sandwich and spotted him again. This time i saw a random Asian guy pass by, come back to him and touch his feet. Maybe it was him, after all, i thought.

What i did not want was to do was to gallop happily to a man who was not Mr Gavsakar.

So this is what I did.

I walked back and when face to face with Mr Gavaskar, I in my politest voice, said this to him:

'Excuse me Sir, but do you just happen to look a lot like Mr Gavaskar or are you indeed Mr Gavaskar?'

His eyes grew bigger with mirth as the man standing next to him started smiling as well.

'Well' he said ' You know, I am always being confused with Mr Gavaskar! Always' he said seemingly quite stricken.

By now he was laughing as was the man with him.

I extended my hand towards him ' It is a pleasure meeting you, Sir' i said politely and shook hands with him.

He smiled, nodded his head and walked off.

I then did what any self respecting woman of the 21st century should do at such occasions. I updated Facebook ;)



Dr Roshan said...

hehe... awesome.. I know I would have done the same... surprised you didnt get a pic of u with him too :)

Tanishka... said...

lol.... It was fun reading your encounter with Mr. Gavaskar...


hahaha, loved the last line :D. i had a similar encounter with an Indian cricketer and i am going to blog about it :D