Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It was raining and i did not have an umbrella.I had my iphone open in one hand and blackberry in the other as I tried to take an address from my calendar in the blackberry and stick it on the map on my iPhone. I had just realised that i had walked 15 minutes in the opposite direction. I also knew that I was 20 minutes late already. Sid was waiting for me. I would have taken a cab, had i any cash on myself. In short, I was a mess.

That is when i heard him walking on the sidewalk next to me.

'Country? country?' he said looking at me. In his early twenties, he was thin with a little beard on his face.

I made a face at him and pretended to not notice. I walked as fast as my heels permitted.

'Country? country?' he repeated walking faster to keep pace with me as the rains lashed on.

'India' I said.

A moment's silence.

'I can give you my number' he said after a pause.

I mentally LOL-ed.

'And what would i use that for?' i said unable to stop myself.

'You can call me' he said in a matter of fact voice.

I must have still looked questioningly for he felt the need to explain further.

'You can be my friend, you know' he said benignly.

I made a face at him.

'I am a manager' he said ' a big, big manager' he said as if that would definitely make me change my mind.

I looked at him both the phones in my two hands ringing as the rain pelted down.

'I am married' i said to him.

He stared at me for a moment, blinked once or twice and then without a word about turned and walked away.



her said... really happened?!! :O :P.. i mean it happens there?? :P.. But you lost a 'fraaand'...a 'big manager fraand' :P


Raam Pyari said...

lol is all i can say ;)

Ashish Dadgaa said...

hehehehe..... omg.
he must be drunk Black or European :p

SSQuo said...

'big big manager' thats hilarious!

Nisha said...

ohh the joys of being hit upon when u r married !!!!