Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fourteen random things about me

  1. I am a dreamer and am almost always in a dreamland. While walking to the tube station, cooking, cleaning.....I am almost always dreaming. The only time i am not dreaming is when i am writing which is when i am putting to words all that happens in my dreamland
  2. If you and i are walking together you will always be on my right. I cannot , CANNOT  walk/talk with anyone on my left. You might be the President of the US of A but i will have to politely ask you to walk on my right. Yes, I am a freak that way.
  3. People tell me their stories. I think i get that from my Mum because I grew up seeing a lot of people pour out their hearts to her.
  4. My cleaner who is Polish and i work very well together. The main reason is that I dont undertsand a word of Polish and she does not understand a word of English.
  5. A collegaue's two year old son (lovely looking chap with blonde hair and blue eyes) S and I have discovered that we like and enjoy the same things. Dinosaurs, soap bubbles and leaves - S has to fight for his stuff when i am there. Muhahaha.
  6. When having trouble sleeping all i need to do is hug a book to fall asleep in a matter of minutes
  7. I have to speak to Mum each day. Ever since i left home, there has not been a single day when i have not spoken to her. Not a single day and i am not exaggerating
  8. Sid spent half of our recent trip to Paris trying to convince me that a Louis Vuitton bag will be a good purchase and that i should have an LV bag. The only thing i bought was a necklace which has for a pendant a white stupid looking owl. It was bought from a flea market and it cost a total of 5 euros. I have never been happier with any buy.
  9. A British colleague asked me to teach him a line in Hindi. I taught him how to say 'Mera deemag kharab ho raha hai'. We high five each time he says it right.
  10. Watching 'Bade achche lagte hain' and 'Indian Idol' makes me miss India a little less.
  11.  I can now finally make aloo ke paranthes that are not as thick as a slice of bread. I have realised the hard way to never underestimate the aloo.
  12. We are contemplating going for the 4:45 am (yes, am) show of 'The Dark Knight Rises' at iMax. I am not sure why because neither of us is really a big fan.
  13. We are going to meet a few friends today for Teri Meri kahani. Sid always yawns before saying the name of the movie. it is almost like the name of the movie is Yawn Teri Meri Kahani.
  14. I can speak 3 full sentences in French and a spattering of words that can come in quite handy. These are'I am very busy today', 'I love you' and 'I am very good at French'. French people tell me that my accent is very good. *smug smile*
If you blog about 14 random facts about yourself, please leave the link to your post in the comment section. I would love to read!



Ishan Mathur said...

wow loved it

Pranav Shree said...

Wow...Loved It..Nw I knw 14 new things About u..Ma'am..:D :D

Pranav Shree said...

Wow...Loved It..Nw I knw 14 new things About u..Ma'am..:D :D

gamathepsicop said...

Abhi said...

Hi... U Should take a look at the 2nd point!

Tarang Sinha said...

Enjoyed reading about you and I totally relate to the first point:)

taranjit singh dhillon said...

hmmmmmm... hell dats an insult for such a long blog post... lol

Tanishka... said...

Enjoyed reading it... The second point is really funny... :D

Priyaa said...

First visit to your Blog....Enjoyed reading!! :-)

here my 14 facts: or less:

anks said...

i agree on the third... i did that too... nah?

Preeti said...

Haha! I was wondering how interesting can anyone make 14 random things about themselves..You made it reallllllly interesting! :)

Raam Pyari said...

:ishaan- thanks :) do the same on your blog;) its fun!

:pranav shree- thanks. i am sure those who read my blog know much more than 14 things about me.

:gamath- :) thanks!

:abhi- changed the error.

:tarang- :)

:taranjit- sorry, i dont understnad your comment..

:Tanishka- thanks! it creates a lot of problems with my friends ;)

:Priya- welcome! and yes, i read your post too!!

:ankita- :) yes, but i also told you my stories! sometimes you just hit off with people, like we did!

:Preeti- thanks :)

ankita lal said...

visited your blog for the first time... on a friend's recommendation!! loved this post... got inspired 2 write one too...

Harshita Srivastava said...

Loved knowing about you..
here's mine:

Preeti said...

Hi...You have a really unique style of writing! Looking forward to reading your book :)

This is my very own random fact page...I'm not sure how many randoms there are...but it's random! :)

kuch kahna hai said...

Hi Ruchi
first time on ur blog and loving ur writing style
keep blogging:)