Thursday, August 25, 2011

Want the First chapter?


I know I know. All I seem to be talking about on this blog is TIB (The (In)eligible Bachelors! Huh!)

I agree. But my book is now coimng out in like 5 days! Can you beat that?

Right, so I am giving folks a chance to read the first chaper of my book :)

You have to just drop in an email at and I will respond with the first chapter :)

Look forward to seeing you there :)



akanksha said...

As I already said, i just loved it!
In real life, Kasturi is Akanksha.

Can't wait to read the rest of the book and wish Kasturi finds the perfect man. (Kastui = Akanksha) ;-)

suruchi said...

all the's wishing u roaring success:-)

suruchi said...

all the's wishing u roaring success:-)

Scorpria said...

Naaah...i'd rather wait fr the book :D i HAVE to finish off a book if i start on it :D

mythalez said...

congrats and all the best!!

dipali said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the book, despite having to interrupt my reading for mundane jobs like cooking dinner!
Great fun.

Tulika Verma said...

Hey! Just finished reading the book! :) Couldn't put it did give me the smiles and the laughters and the lumps in the throat...and now I feel like I've just finished watching a movie...having concocted the characters and settings in mind...although...the one thing that could be improved upon(personal opinion)would be the predictability...but really enjoyed it despite having guessed what was going to happen...Some day...I will get around to writing a book too! *Sigh!* All the best and much love!

Raam Pyari said...

akansha- thank you so so so much for your review akansha :D you are such a star! thank you for your support..

suruchi- :) thanks

mythalez- thanks :)

dipali- THANK YOU!!!:D so much, I read your comments on the FB page!

tulika- thank you so so much toolika. All i had set out to do was to tell a story that would make people smile and laugh. I am so glad that I might have been able to do that :)
Also tulika, if possible do put a quick review on flipkart/infibeam wherevr you got the book from? will really help me :)
Also curious- which parts were responsible for the lump in the throat?