Saturday, August 06, 2011

Blog Marathon; Week 2 , Post 2

And it begins!

Yes, it has begun! :D The preordering has begun!

Here on Flipkart

Here on infibeam

Is not that super cool! The book is also available on uread and ring-a-book!

So, coming to the post.

When I was younger I wanted to become a detective. I was as serious about my career choice as any 5 year old could possibly be. I spent my afternoons practising skills I was sure would save my life one day.

I have afternoon insomnia. I created that right now and since I created it I will tell you what it means. A person with afternoon insomnia, very predictably, is a person who cannot sleep in the afternoon. In the 1.5 years I have lived in London I have never slept in the afternoon. Never.

Now after having armed you with that life chnaging piece of information, let me come to the point.

So I aways wanted to become a detective. Since I was a child. In the afternoons my Mom would nap with my brother and me on either side. I would pretend to sleep (another great skill to have for a detective, I told my 5 year old self) till Ma and Bhai were fast sleep and then quiety get out of bed (another handy skill) and practice.

In the darkened room with the curtains drawn, I would let my imagination go wild. The room was a mansion of a dangerous man. I was a detective on a very dangerous mission. I had to find the dangerous truth that would save the world from ? Danger, ofcourse!

I had to move as quietly as the mouse I ferverently hoped did not exist in the room. My brother who was mumbling in his sleep was no innocent 4 year old. He was actually a very dangerous killer who should not wake as I searhed the room for important documents. The urgency. The mystery. The suspence as I moved steathily around the bed looking for dangerous papers which I knew I would finally find in my school bag very quickly once i got bored or tired.

Oh Boy!

So well, as you would have figured out I did not grow up to become a detective. I did a boring degree in Engineering and then another in Business Management.

I wanted to become a detective. I did not. I never thought I would become an author. But I did.

Yesterday, my book 'The (In)eligible Bachelors' went up for preordering. And as I sat there staring at this pagee and the 'Author' in brackets next to my name, it hit me.

You do not know what destiny has in store for you. It can be bad, but it can very well be good too. Keep the faith.


PS the book can be pre-ordered on flipkart (yes! they are pre-ordering my book!) infibeam at a very cool 40% discount, at and at ring-a-book.

If it interests you ( and I really hope it does!) please do place your orders. And as always thank you for your support and kind words.

PS Kinder souls could share the link on the facebook page too. As you undoubtedly know, sharing the link gives you a halo and two wings! I need all the help I can get to spread the word!Thanks :)


Jeremiah Surge said...

Dear RP, congrats on the book!
Being a blogger novice myself I am really happy and surprised to how you even ended up reading my humble blog.. :D

Really happy tho to hv made ur acquaintance.. and yes I wouldnt mind the additional halo and extra wings (since I already am an angel ;P)! Sharing away on FB!!

Raam Pyari said...

Thanks a ton Jeremiah!! Thank you so much for the support!

Tan said...

Congratz on your book :)
will be reading it for sure :)

Preeti said...

Many congratulations for the launch! Will definitely buy it! :)

Scorpria said...

Yay! Heading over to flipkart right away. how do i get it author-signed, btw? :D
i have this thing for author signed books, dont know why :D :P

Sakshi said...

Congratulations on your book, judging by the way you write on the blog, I am very sure that your book is going to be awesome too!

Welcome to my blog family! *You got a recco there, go check it out*

Sneha said...

Congrats Ruchita.. :)

I am definitely going to buy it...