Friday, February 19, 2010

This feels like London

I forget that I am in London. Okay. That came out wrong. The Brits try so hard to preserve all that is ancient and cultural that most places look very quaint and you hardly feel like you are living in one of the biggest cities of the world at the moment.

I live by the Thames. My house has an absolutely glorious view of the river.

Each time I go out and peep to my left I get to see what has now become my favourite view of the city. The way it should look. Powerful and Big. Don't get me wrong, I love the quaint bits to bits. Its just that I love seeing something in London look big. Evrything here including houses, rooms, ceiling, beds is just so tiny!!

Here is the view for you to look at :)

By the day

When the Sun sets

At night.(This pic does not even come close to 10% of the actual thing looks..but still..)

Are not these pretty ? :)


Shekhar said...

"Whoa!!" is the word. I clicked on the pic and saw the real-size image. Took my breath away.

Anonymous said...

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Varun said...

It is extremely pretty!? It is one city I would love to visit again. Do you live right opposite to Canary Wharf?

I guessed it coz I had clicked this picture when I was in London few years back and was on my way to Canary wharf on a ferry! It is quite similar to your picture!

Varun said...

Blog hopped from Preeti's Blog!

Raam Pyari said...

@shekhar- :) you shud see the view first hand for it to really take your breath away!

@Varun- welcome to my blog and you have hit the nail on the head :)

aMyth! said...

ah! a dream...i dream..