Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Conversations with the nurse

There is something called the NHS. UK provides you with health services free of cost (ofcrourse they take away 40-50 % of your salary as tax so they had better !) Sid and I had to register for the same. We wanted appointments together we got a slot 14 days later!

So anyways, we went on time and all. I was a little nervous when a shabby looking nurse called my name. she was wearing a crumpled looking shirt from under which I could easily see her huge belly hanging south wards!

So anyways, I went it. The first thing she says is “ In case you do not understand what I say ask me to repeat it and I will do so”. I smiled to myself and nodded a yes.

In some time she realized that I do understand the English she speaks so we kinda struck up a conversation.

“So, what do you do?”
“I am an MBA”, I said.
“What is an MBA?” she asked much to my horror.

“You become a manager”, I said.
She nodded her head. I was not sure that she got what I said.
“What will you do here?”
“I am looking for jobs and looking at PhD”
“What is a phd?”, she asked.

“You become a doctor with a phd , I said.
She shrugged her shoulders.

She took my BP and I was a little doubtful about the numbers so I asked her to repeat the diastolic and systolic figures ( when someone takes your bp they will give you 2 numbers. The above are medical names for the same).

The nurse who had just taken my BP, my pulse rate, my height, my weight and recommended me for another test, said “ I am sorry I do not know what that is”

OMG! OMG! Totally OMG! I feel so funny about NHS now!

And for those of you who are in India, enjoy the medical facilities there! Trust me you will miss them when you are out of india!


P.S Sid went in next and the nurse figured that we are husband and wife.
“ You must be very scared of her,”, she asked my husband.
“ Why would that be”, asked Sid.
“She is soo clever!”, replied the nurse.


Shekhar said...

// "You must be scared of her"

He he...

aMyth! said...

hahaha! Good Lord! is this the same NHS that Michael Moore was talking of in his "Sicko"?! Looks like there is a reason why it's free..and it's not just the taxes they take... :D