Saturday, July 18, 2015

A tiny little incident...

A tiny little incident. I wanted to buy an Oreo Milkshake from Ed's but I wanted to share it with Mum who is visiting from India. So i asked for a spare plastic container with a straw.

The waiter who was serving me was a kind looking young man with an easy smile and heavily tattooed arms. We had a brief chat about the tattoos and then he asked me to sit as i waited for the shake to arrive- an offer i took up gratefully. He then came to me a few minutes later and asked me if i wanted some water. I politely said no.

Soon my order was ready.

He came to me with the shake and the spare container. I smiled as i took them from him.

'Thank you' i said, about to leave.

'No problem' he said and then paused and then asked smiling ' Are you happy?'

I smiled.

'Yes, i am ' i said.

He smiled widely, a warm, genuine smile.

'I am happy that you are happy' he said simply, meaning it, before he about turned and got back to some other customer.


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