Friday, May 20, 2011


I landed in India today morning and had to go the the Jet Airways Customer services centre to get my departure date changed. I came back with a better understanding of why we suck.

With the 'yes please's and 'If could be kind enough's of London I put forward my request. The young girl about 3 feet away from me had this to say in a loud clear and sarcastic voice, 'Badi jaldi yaad aa gaya hai isko ticket change karwana'.

She then paused and repeated the same line knowing fully when that i was right there. What exactly she was trying to do i could not understand and why would anyone speak like that was beyond me. No, really. Why would you speak like that to someone you know nothing about? who is customer? and has and is paying for the services?

I asked them for the fare for a particular date. After 15 minutes, got my reply. Then I asked for an alternate date to see which price was lower. The women exchanged looks and sighed and rolled their eyes.

The next bit came when we were deciding which date to pick. I don't quite recall what exactly happened there i soon found my voice raised. Irritated and defensive at the Jet Airways lot.

This was uncalled for and left a bitter taste in my mouth. Maybe I should have shouted more, and put them back in their place. I did retort but like always the best replies come to you after 2 hours.

In London, this has NEVER happened. I can imagine this conversation happening with lots of thank yous and pleases. ( Right so, I did not thank the Jet Airways people for their help, my big revenge :P) Back at work, I keep telling people how much of heart there is in Indian and this incident has made me wonder about so many things.

It was a simple bit of work really. May be this is the delhi way of speaking but really why? why would you speak like that? You had a fight with someone? you think you are very smart? you think this is cool?

This has to change, right? It was just a rude reminder of what actually happens in India. I never thought I would say this, but this really made me miss London!


Neha said...

oh jeez! how rude!! But I have seen such rude behaviour even in the US. So I guess it depends on people, and not the country, per se?! :)
I guess she was having a bad day, but then how hard it is to keep the mouth shut, than saying something rude, right? Why propagate your bad mood to the people around you?! Hope you are having a blast in india :)

Anonymous said...

That was annoying,rude,rough and definitely impolite behavior especially if done by a customer service personal.
I hope the things finally turned out to be the way you'd wanted and hope that you have a fantastic trip in India :)

Smita said...

hmmmm....people here still don't know what what customer care is all about.
You should have put them in place!!! Next time if something like this happen (which will because u r in India :D) please give it back to them!

Mukund said...

Well as the first comment mentioned, this happens all over the world. I personally have experienced this in the US and Germany - US our flight got cancelled and we (US citizens and aliens) were all treated like dirt. Germany - many times at immigration, rail stations etc but not as bad as the one US experience.

I believe customer service standards in India is pretty good. What is lacking is the product standard themselves.

That is not an excuse to say that what happened with you was ok.. it is not ok and it was highly dignified of you just to let go with not saying "thank you". I would have been much worse :)

Anonymous said...

and yeah have a great trip back home

Anonymous said...

and yeah have a great trip back home

Tanishka said...

That was really rude.... You should have complained about him RP... But I think RP this could have happened in some other part of the world too so blaming India would not be that right...

Anonymous said...

and yeah have a great trip back home

Anonymous said...

thats quiet ruuuudddeee

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

That kind of attitude should not go unnoticed. Why did you not report it to the authorities, at least she would have received a rebuke if not anything else.

Anonymous said...

Awww..thats too bad :( ...u should have reported this to authorities..ya fir u shd ve reminded the lady of her duties :(..i feel really bad that delhi offered u all that! neways..enjoy India!
We love u here!


Bikramjit said...

WEll did you tell them you are from abroad.. thats the reason ..

and YEah I do think people out there have a attitude problem, seen it many a times.. Now adays when i go they get the same treatment and they soon shutup.

I would have complained to the authoritites with her name specifically.

Or worst still asked them to cancel the tikcet , that does make them run.
The problem is you probably Said "Hello and please to her with a smile".. Thats what is wrong you should treat them as they are used to be treated like a no body.. She would soon have been polite with you. OYE.. to start with and a bit of choice words .. do the trick.

I hope you are having a good holday dont let little things spoil them.


Cloud Nine said...

Shocking! not at all in good taste,especially coming from a private airline:((( Still, the root of the problem lies in the fact that we fare poorly in customer service. Reason- no proper orientation and training. Further, counter staff tend to think they are the bosses there, in your case these two might have felt they own Jet. You must have complained about them and put them in place, so that they don't repeat the mistake!

Anonymous said...

We (Indians) have miles to go where 'customer service' and 'empathy' are concerned. You are right, this would have most probably not happened in London. But in India, this is probably more common than we imagine it to be. Did you take this up with Jet Air?

Kanishk said...

Well best replies do hit you later especially when you're caught off guard!

Vidya said...

That is so typical! Am with you on the best replies coming after 2 hrs:)