Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nice, France

Day 1

So we went to Nice last Friday for a quick 3 day break. And what a lovely trip that was.

We boarded an early morning (8:00 am ) flight from London to Nice and arrived in this lovely city by the Meditteranean Sea by 10:30 am their time.

Reached out hotel and after putting our stuff their set out for a tiny little town called Antibe. The plan was to do day trips and spend Sunday in Nice. And trust me, Nice is a lovely base for some excellent day trips.

The train/bus/tram system in Nice and around it is extremely cheap. One pound in London is useless,but you get a proper train ticket in one euro in Nice. Works well with me!

The Nice Railway Station:

Arrived in antibe half an hour later. And what a delightfull little town it turned out to be. We walked around quite a bit. The sparkling blue meditteranean Sea, the white yatchs, the bright Sun. Lovely!

Walked to the Pablo Picasso Museum. Looked at some of the paintings made by him andothers. It was here that Pablo spent some painting because he felt inspired by the beauty around him. Looking at the view around the museum. I was not surprised!

View from the Museum

Once we had trekked up the museum and spent an hour going through the paintings, we walked down to the Antibe beach. I spent 2-3 hours there. There were young people, some children some oldies relaxing on the beach. It was just such a spectacularly beautiful beach. Also, importantly it was one of the few sand beaches around.

Once done, we came back to the city and loitered around, looking at shops and walking through quiet lanes. It was a charming little place. Here are some random pictures:

Had something to eat and came back to Nice by 7 pm, quite exhausted. Took a shower and went out to hunt for food.

Nice is lovely by the night. There were many tourists and all the places were so well lit up and welcoming. We just walked around, tired and exhausted but loving the whole experience of exploring an unknown city.

Is not this spectacular?

We walked into the old city known for its charming alleys and lovely food stalls. Had dinner, explored some more and came back absolutely, totally exhausted.

Day 2: Later :)


Anonymous said...

lovely! you are a fantastic writer!

Anonymous said...

lovely! you are a fantastic writer!

Prathima said...

beautiful place RP. Surely, you had a great time!

Neha said...

nice seems like a nice place :D

cloud nine said...

beautiful place, would like to see more pictures:) Hope u had a pleasant vacation...

Pratz said...

Great Pics

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

nice the last picture clicked at night it looks so WOW..
you had a good time there ..


Jyoti said...

Amazing pictures! Sure u had a nice time..

Calvin said...

Nice is Nice...and if I stayed at that place, who knows, I might start painting as well :P

Starry-eyed nut said...

lovely pics...Nice is No.1 on my travel list, hopefully next year :)
Do give details of stay etc will help me plan better.

A said...

Wow. Luck you. I wish I could be in Nice.

Tanishka said...

Awesome pics and a lovely post... Waiting for day two... :)

Manjiri said...

Seems like its really a beautiful place. Good to know about it. And yes, the last picture is really spectacular! :)