Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The beautiful bride.

So I mailed a friend inviting her for my wedding last year. No she could not come but she said she had only one piece of advice. No matter what else happens, you HAVE to look absolutely gorgeous on your big day, she said!

Okay. Right. Ofcourse, I have to.

So far so good. I had chosen my lehenga with care, booked an appointment at the best saloon in the city. I was set to be the pretty bride.

Now I am okay looking. Sometimes when Sid is a little high he goes as far as to tell me that I the most gorgeously beautiful girl on the planet. Mommy says I have the loveliest eyes on the planet. Okay I can ignore Mommy. All mums think their child is good looking. I should also ignore Sid because he says such things only when he is happy high. Okay. Not good. See, I know I am decent looking, never mind if i dont get the compliments.

So that point clarified, let me move forward with my story.

On wedding day, when I was all done at the salon, and the salon ladies had gushed how absolutely gorgeous I was looking and the cleaning lady there said that i was the prettiest bride ever (and asked for a bakshish in the same breath) I was happy and content. Then came mommy. And she stared at me. And stared.

Then she cleared her throat delicately.

'Cant we loosen her hair a little bit?', she asked the parlour lady a tad bit too politely.

'No Aunty, the whole duppata is in the right place because of the hairstyle only!'

'Hmmmm...can we change the color of the lipstick',asked Mum looking at me.

'No Aunty, it matches the lehenga'

'Okay, can we wash her face?'

'Mom!' I said.

Dad called at that very moment.

'Ohh, have they left?' Mom said into the phone.

'The barat will be there in 20 minutes?' she said again after a minute's pause.

'Okay....I have to welcome them, i know'

'Yes I am around an hour from the venue...will come in in a bit'

'Oh ok, dont distrub me I will be there' said Mom, she shut her phone with a bang and barged out to welcome the barat that was 20 minutes away from the venue that itself was an hour drive away.

So there I was standing in my bridal lehenga, dressed in all the finery but not really sure of Mom's reaction.

Was I the beautiful bride?
It was one of the few things that both the sides of the family unanimously agreed. They agreed that I was NOT the beautiful bride.

Some people even told me to go and get back my money from the beauty parlor. And then things started snow balling. Those who probably thought that I was looking good, decided to go with the mass opinion and declared that they would not send their own daughters to the salon where I had gone.
And so on and so forth.

I therefore did not look forward to the wedding video, cringed when it came and hid behind the door when the rest of the family watched it.

I also did not do one more thing.

I never really saw the wedding pictures.

Untill a few days back. Bt when I did do you know what struck me the most? Okay I certainly did not look as great (if i might be aloowed to use that phrase) as i normally do, but you know what? I looked absolutely, blissfully happy :)


Jyoti said...

:-).. salons hv the habit of overdoing the brides with lots of make up..

Calvin said...

Haha, I can relate to it. Similar thing happened with my wife, and now when we see the pictures, its not all that bad. A tad different (like some different person), but not bad.

In fact, one of those picture is the best profile picture :)

Calvin said...
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Calvin said...

And we did pay the parlor...though its banned for all future weddings...:D

Prathima said...

Same thing happened to me too:( I looked so very bad on that day . (Not that I am gorgeous otherwise:)I do not know if it was parlor/tension /not sleeping the previous night.

But, reception pics were much better, so I see the reception pics more than the wedding pics:)

cloud nine said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...Blissfully happy- thats what every Mother would love her daughter to be and am glad that you finally discovered you looked happy on your D day:)As for the salons, they love white washing whatever area they could lay their hands on, including the bride's face!Good luck in your life:)

PencilGirl said...

I think that was an awesome post, because you hit the nail right on the head. :) :) That last sentence did the trick. :)

Comfy said...

Oh the make up before the wedding. It is almost always horrible. And I have to agree it is the smile and happiness on the brides face which saves the day :D

A said...

Being truthful, I have never seen a beautiful bride and I have attended many wedding. Excess makeup, heavy clothes, tired face and crowded by people...I see most brides hassled.

Preeti said...

Brides look beautiful, rather happy, anyway. The make-up is just a spoiler! :)

dipali said...

Blissfully happy sounds great:)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

You were happy, nothing else should matter. :)

Ruchira said...

Ah but thats what really matters isnt it ! Looking Happy :)

Bikramjit said...

well isn't that whats MOST important what you said in the last line THAT you were HAPPY...

who cares about other things , you marry once so be happy on the day .. as such even if one is looking lovely there is so much commotion and stuff going around.


Bikramjit said...

funny u mentioned baraat arriving On my sisters wedding , this is funny WE made the BARAAT wait for half an hour as I and my brother could not reach on time at the venue so the Baraat had to wait as we were to do the MILNI. :O


Anonymous said...

Awwww..I was so mad at the parlour ladies.. on your behalf :) but your last line.. made me smile :)
Blissfully happy is what counts:)
Psst: they used such dark makeup on me too.. I look much better in freshly scrubbed Bidai pics :)

Anonymous said...

Awwww..I was so mad at the parlour ladies.. on your behalf :) but your last line.. made me smile :)
Blissfully happy is what counts:)
Psst: they used such dark makeup on me too.. I look much better in freshly scrubbed Bidai pics :)

Anonymous said...

Awwww..I was so mad at the parlour ladies.. on your behalf :) but your last line.. made me smile :)
Blissfully happy is what counts:)
Psst: they used such dark makeup on me too.. I look much better in freshly scrubbed Bidai pics :)

Raam Pyari said...

sheesh- its surprising how many brides haev had similar experiences with the make up!!

It is not fair!

Kavs said...

it was a fun read especially because my father's reaction was quite similar to your mom's when he saw me and my sisters at our respective weddings. Yes, each one of us were like "what, am i not looking good?"

Always Happy said...

RP, your happiness is what matters. YOu enjoyed your big day right? That is what matters most.

I am sure you would have looked great though.

Tanishka said...

Looking happy... Isn't that the most important thing... And I' am sure no matter what, the happiness would have made you look pretty... :)

Shubhika Taneja said...

Nice post :-). I could relate to my big day an year back, when i was definitely sure that i was looking a little too over decked courtesy the salon lady, although everyone else disagreed ..

caterpillar said...

And end of day, that's what matters, isn't it...?Loved the last line.

Alka Gurha said...

Parlors can make u feel botoxed...with so many layers of make up it is difficult to smile. Yet happiness is what matters.

Vaish said...

Ah...how often do we look happy?? And that happiness being reflected in ur wedding pics itself is amazing!
I had the same feeling towards my marriage video..never thought liked my make up and stuff!

akanksha said...

It is the smile that counts! :-)
I am sure that would have made u look pretty in a special way :-)

Nisha said...

i can say that about most brides. we buy the most expensive lehnga and book the most exp jewelery and parlour, yet we look our worse on the d-day!
so.. u r not alone! im glad you were at bliss.. 'coz thats most important.