Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Sid is one of the many stranded across the world because of the volcanic ash problems. Only thing is that he has now made his way to India. He was going for 5 days and would have been gone for 16 by the time its time for him to come back!

So, I am all alone in London. Though he is the one who is stuck, I am the one in a worse situation!!!

I was initially quite unwelcoming of the idea of staying alone at home, however I am quite cool with it now and have been living on my own for a week now.

Today I had an important telephonic interview. It was supposed to happen at 5 in the evening and since I was preparing for it through the day all I had eaten was a sandwich. I was talking to Sid on the phone telling him about the interview and my lunch when he said that he will order a pizza for me.

I was quite reluctant to do this. The reason is that we have a pizza ritual. He orders his pepperoni pizza and I order my corn and mushroom pizza. We order it together. It just seemed weird to order pizza without him around.

He however insisted and I relented as I was too tired to cook.

The pizza guy came to deliver the pizza. He handed me a huge bag. It not only had a pizza but also potato wedges which I love to munch on and my favourite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

I think it is a small gesture. But I was very very touched by it. And I miss him all the more.



Ankita said...

make your fan club in facebook :) Btw I am following your blog for past 5 years now..Are you in facebook by any chance?

Raam Pyari said...

ankita- hi! NIce you meet you. I am actually thinking of going public with my identity of the blog. Am a little undecided at the moment.

I love you guys! the quiet ones who have been following me all these years :) thank you for being around!

And no i do not have a fan page :P

naween said...

piya ka bheja pizza? :P

Raam Pyari said...

@naween- hehehe yes!!!