Monday, April 26, 2010

Heathrow visit:)

So Sid came back yesterday. Finally after 16 days. Stupid vocanic ash!

It took me some 2 hours to get there. After figuring my way in, I suddenly felt ravenous and hence headed to a coffee shop hunted for something veg and handed it to the guy at the till.

“Toasted?”, the desi guy asked me.

“Yes, please”,I said. Here in London you need to thankyou and please more often than you breathe in and out.

“Can I get you a coffee as well, please?”, he asked.

“Naah”, I said.

“Tea, then?” he persisted.

“No”, I persisted as well.

“Why?”, he questioned.

“because I do not drink tea/ coffee”, said I

“You must be very health conscious then”, he observed.

So we got chatting as he toasted my sandwich. By way of conversation I told him that I was there to pick up my husband who had been stranded because of volcanic ash and was coming home 2 weeks later had been planned.

“I think I can help you, he said.

“How?”, I questioned.

With a flourish he took out a banner and a pen.
“Write him a message!”, he said.

“No…I don’t think so”, I said.

“Come on! Why?” he said.

“Because I would not want to embarrass my husband”

“Trust me! He will love it !” he said.

Slightly doubtful, I took it from him. I hunted for a place for myself and carefully balancing a sandwich in one hand, the phone between my ear and shoulders I wrote my patis name on the banner.

Then did a little it of calligraphy as well. Then underlined it. Then made flowers. Then added leaves.

It was looking shabby but then that was the best I could manage. All ready I went and stood waiting for him in the arrival area.

There were so many people waiting and I got to see such beautiful things in the half an hour I stood there. There was this pretty dark haired girl standing right next to me and suddenly I heard a weird sound coming from her. I turned to look at her and found her in tears with her hand hiding her mouth as she stared at a girl walking in.
They had such an emotional reunion with both of them in tears. In her place then came a little girl with her Dad. She had made a drawing welcoming her ‘MOMMY’ I saw the Mum walk in, stare at the poster and hug her daughter as the Dad hugged both the women.

Then there was this guy who came dressed up like a bee to welcome a lady. He made her stand in front of him and did some kind of a bee dance. The two of them were laughing hysterically as they walked away hand in hand.

I stood there waiting with my banner and soon I saw Sid walk in as I ran to welcome him. Sid’s poor friend did not where to look as we hugged each other.

Sid was very amused by the banner and he asked me a million questions about it. The silly little banner was quite a hit!

Here is a pic of the banner for you guys!



naween said...

whoooo!! sooooper!! reminds me of the other day when i went to receive my rakhi sis at the new delhi railway station, and we were carrying a banner, a bouquet, sweets and tilak et al :P .. made quite a show at the station :P

Kavya said...

wow.. very nice post.. banner is too good..

Ankita said...

great..banner is great :)

Best of luck for your job hunt...btw are u looking for marketing specific profiles?

sona said...

do u know Siddharth Dahiya by any chance?

Ankita said...

hey one suggestion - put your profile in LinkedIn. It will bring visibility to your profile and something can work out..suggesting from my personal experience..BOL

Raam Pyari said...

@naween- yeah! my brother has done that to me!! I knwo how it feels like to be on the recieving end.

@kavya- thanks and welcome!

@ankita- was earlier but then lack of uk work ex was proving to be a problem. Luckily i have some interviews now with consulting companies/ BA roles. Lets see what happens there.
and i do have a linkedin profile.
You also job hunted in London?

@sona- I not married to one :)

Ankita said...

Yes I do and somehow linkedIn helped a lot..send me urlinkedIn profile...