Monday, August 24, 2009


Hi. So I gave GMAT today and was very relieved to see a 740 staring at me at the end of the exam.

I can now stop looking for dangling modifiers and subject verb agreement even while reading text messages and emails. :)

Okay so this post will be dedicated to my GMAT prep. It might not interest people with no interest in GMAT. Hence the warning :)

1. I decided around March that I need to give GMAT. Mid April I got my OG 11th edition for some 1100 bucks :
2. However, I was not studying properly. I mean, I was totally free and just did not want to do anything. Maybe that was coz I had just finished B school and no matter how much my mind told me to study, the heart would not listen

However during this time I did 0G11. I started with the diagnostc test and realised that (of all things!) my strength was Quant and the weakest link was Verbal. Though I must say, quant by and large was quite easy and English by most standards is difficult and needs a lot of work.

3. In this time I went to my Nani's place and gave GMAT prep there. I score 710 and 700 respectvely. That was fine I could have given GMAT then only, but something told me I could do better.

Then I decide to give my self a break and made a detailed study plan begining one week after work began.
I knew it was going to very hectic and it was foolish of me to waste the holidays but I also knew that when pushed for time, I am at my best.

4. I got my friend to get me books from Delh. I spent 2 whole days reading briefs from people who had cracked it and those who had not cracked it as well.
It gave a very good idea of what to do and what not to do. The idea behind reading briefs is to not follow blindly everything you read, but once you read a couple of briefs you will start seeing some common things. Those are things that have a high chance of working for you!Concentarte on them

5. I decided a few things
  • First I decided to not do verbal from any source other than OG.
  • I therefore did both OG 11 and OG 12. I did all the questions of verbal 3 times
  • I also decided to not leave a single word in OG verbal unread.
  • Therefore I spent a lot of time reading the explanations to SC, CR and RC questions.

With time, I started understanding the grammar bit and I knew why the correct answer was a correct answer which I now feel is most important.

Apart from this the only other non OG book I did for verbal was Kaplan 800 which supposedly takes your score from 700 to 750 :P

Well in my case maybe it did!!

6. For quant I did the last 50 questions of OG11,12 in PS and DS. I then hunted for tough GMAT maths problems and spent most of the time studying them.

7. Gave GMAT prep again. Score 740 and then 770 (!!!) and gave the test toady to finally score 740 :)

Thats all for today, am really tired now:)

Take care people.



naween said...

badhai ho :)

but please don't scare mortals with such detailed courses of action, loaded with determination and all the rest of the good stuff!! :P

adarsh said...

many many congrats !!!
and Good Luck for aage :)

Raam Pyari said...

@naween-- heheheh
thank you thankyou

@adarsh-- you toh in firang land only na.....I know this score s good enuf for a phd...but any idea abt bskuls in firang lands?? is it gud enough for B skul admit??

Neha said...

Hi ,,,

Thanks for the info.. I m also planning to give GMAT. Needed to ask u few questions if u cud spare some time ...

Lemme knw if this is the right place or shud i be dropping a email...

Thanks in advance


Raam Pyari said...

If you think I can help..feel free to ask questions here. Whatever little I have achieved all through out my life has been coz a lot of ppl went out of their to help me. I will be glad to do the same for someone :)

shoot your questions :)

Neha said...

Hey thanks a lot for quick reponse...

I hope it doesnt luk like a mini post :)

1) Brief: Working with 6 yr work exp. Wish to pursure further edu in management. So GMAT...

2) Totally raw (w.r.t. studies n course). So need a lil guidance. Pls suggest whether prep classes r a gud idea to bring in discipline???

3) On account of prep: Plan was to start with CAT prep material so as to clear my fundas (its been long :)& i badly need basics to be revisited) n then handle the GMAT prep material. Pls tell if this is logical or shud i just start wid GMAT prep instead.

4) I knw it differs from person to person but still wat is ideal time period for prep before giving the GMAT.

As of now, This will suffice. Thanks once again n really appreciate your time n effort :)

Raam Pyari said...

My response to your query:

2. You really do not need any coaching! Trust me. Its quite a simple test. You would prolly end up wasting a lot of time if you go to these classes.

3. Here you have presumed that CAT prep shud be the first step and GMAT the next. GMAT is like 5-6 times easier than CAT. And what they test on these exams is also very different. There might be certain topics like mebbe P&C which you might like to do using CAT books. But dont start with CAT prep.

make a list of topics in say maths tested by GMAT and do those from class 10, 12 books.

4. Yes it depends on the person by I will tell you what I did. I started in mid arpril. In earnest started on 20th of June. Was more than ready one week before the actual test date of 24th august.

I used to put in an average of 2-2.5 hours on week days and more than 6 hrs over the week ends.

Please feel free to ask anything else and i hope this answered the questions you asked.

Neha said...

Thanks a lot RP ..

Take care

Anshul Agrawal said...

Congratz for such a good score....

I'm too giving the test on 5th oct and would like to know more about study schedule and especially how u manage ur work and studies together...??? coz i'm really finding that difficult...

Abhinav said...

Congratulations .. my GMAT is coming up and i agree for verbal OG is THE source to prepare from.

All the best for Apps. :)

Sayesha said...

Shabash bahinnn! You have done me proud. YET AGAIN! >:D<

Canary said...

Congratulations!! :)
write more!! :(

Sidsmarts said...

Ahem, missing your blogs madame... Keep logging in every now and then to check for a new post but kuch bhi nahi hai... write some more :)

adarsh said...

didn't see aapke sawaal !!

honestly... i have no idea about GMAT and B-schools.

non. zero. blank.

can't help here !