Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random thoughts---Again

*It is raining.

*It is comfortably cold.

*I called in sick at office today:)

*My cousin got 94% in her Board exams and with that my record of getting the highest marks in the family comes to an end.The interesting thing is that my record lasted a good 8 years. *superior look*

*My latest obsession is trivia quizzing.I have started spending hours on quizzing sites, wiki et al. You will be surprised at how many interesting people and stories are around us.:)

* I have realised that I hate working, at a corporate office in formals and all, talking in hushed whispers – I just hate it.I do not like it at all.But may be I will in some time.I hope so, anyways.

*Today I googled and read about Arushi Sharma, since both my Mum and my Grand Dad were tellling me about her.Apart from everything else what struck me the most was that I used to look so different when I was 14. So much simpler.I am not saying that either is good or either is bad but it is just a casual observation.

*I watched Narnia day before yesterday.And I simply looovvvedddddd it! It is so ossumm.I wish things like that really happened. I am also very amazed at how much fantasy fiction attracts me to itself.

*I almost bought The Chronicles of Narnia myself yesterday.Only thing is it was too expensive and I did not have tat much of money.

*I would like to make a movie some day.

*May be I will buy myself a cam corder with the money I get for the internship.

*But actually I know I will not :

Happy rains


naween said...

i support piracy of books [:P]!

Sudhir said...

It was so nice to read the random thoughts.. Sometimes we spend too much time organizing them. :)

It is 12:30 and I am not able to sleep... I too want to call in sick tomorrow. I wish I could do that. :(

sanguine said...

heyloo , pyarijee .

i would want to make a movie some day (almost all of us do !!), sudhir mishra types .it will be expensive tho so may be i will write a book on movies i could have made.what say ?

nice to be here after such a long time . how have you been ? congrats on completing a good first year at school , it will get better just you wait :)))

Phoenix said...

Happy rain too, and don't get caught in that corporate banter already. Have fun!

Canary said...

Happy rains! where r u? long time no see at mah blogland :D