Tuesday, September 04, 2007

So, tomm I have a Marketing End term and here I am, at 2:30 in the morning, putting up a blog post.

I surprsingly often end up hanging out with the Tamil gang. So, these people have a lot of fun at my expense when I attempt to speak in Tamil.
My Tamil is reasonably fluent now. I can speak 3 senetences. I am not really sure which one means what ..*ahem* but I am reasonably confident of my skills. So today while I was giving final touches to my CV I must confess I did contemplate putting down Tamil as a language I knew at the elementary level .


Anyways, so today amidst copying Rajni kant and them almost luaghing their heads off over dialoges I could not make head or tail of, one of my friends taught me this:

waikai orvattum,[ I kept saying, waikai orkuttam :P ]
innnniki jaykravan, naliki tonam
inniki tonakram, nilliki jaipan!

It means that life is a circle, if someone is loosing out today, he will win tomm and if he is winning today he might loose out tomm.

For someone like me, going through what I am right now, these words provided great comfort.

So I htought it must be some grave profound Tamil shloka or something, and I asked that question. The entire Tam Gang burst out laughing again.
Apparently it was some famous tamil movie dialog!


Another thing is that I need to start behaving more sensibly now, the only problem is that I dont want to...
*double sigh*
*triple sigh*
Sensible I shall be...yes, I will be :)

And on that resolute note, it is a buy buy and gunite from my side!

P.S Bhai coming to Bskul on his way home on the 7th.Yipeeeee!!! I have honestly never waited so much for him! Each and everyone of my friends knows about him coming now!!


Shekhar said...

FIRST to comment.. Yayyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know what?? Your staying up at 2:30 in the morning to write a post when the next morning you have a Marketing end-term will make me feel less guilty (if I ever felt that way) about the time I woke up 20 minutes late for a Marketing Research end-term paper, simply because I always felt and knew that you were a person much more serious and dedicated towards work than I am. So, in a way, yippee !! :)

And hey, never underestimate movie dialogues..they can have awesome messages sometimes.. remember LOTR?? "All we have to do is decide what to do with the time given to us."

Do say 'hello' to your bro on my behalf. Pucce se.. bhoolna nahi.

Rebellion said...

Thats sooo cooooooool. I can see you're looking for smiles in the smallest things bacha, thats really good. I'm proud of you :D

amyth said...

ha. rajani kant dialogues!!
well, if u watch him on screen, delivering those dialogues, u might feel like laughing (it's somethin he follows to keep his huge fan base happy. a rajani movie without those ultra-extra actions would be like a bachchan with tendulkar's voice.. heehee.. ), but the dialogues are mostly hard hitting ;)

Despo said...

Nice post:)

Kshitiz said...

"vaikai orkuttum" ...:D
thought of doing a ^c ^v and sending to my "Item"(we call our Lead by that name) ... who is from TN ... to enlighten him a bit.
Well, another Goddie from u (as always)..
Keep up the good work and hope u enjoyed ur stay with bro :)

TinTin said...

You can be more creative than that. But sweet none-the-less

jan said...


yea, im a first time visitor, and thts a really nice post.
it so happens that i too am a tamilian, and my parents are crazy abt rajni kant,and however hard i try,im still at sea when it comes to speaking tamil! just lyk u...;)

Tushar said...

wonderful blogs
i written some words about ur blogs
on mine .Do take a minute or 2
and chek it out
God bless u