Saturday, September 01, 2007

Raat koh chaar baje !

In two more minutes it shall be four in the morning.
As I sit in Computer centre typing this I can distinctly hear the tapping of the keys, someone is playing music on his/her lappy, the low hum of the AC proviodes the background score.

I am in touch with someone who has just fallen in love, they are a very sweet couple and I ams o surprised at how I cannot help but smile each time I see my friend talk about her guy. This other day I was in a rotten mood , was missing home really bad, did not feel like doing anything....that was when it so happened that I spoke with my frnd and she told me about him!
Seeing /hearing her talk and blush, share all the sweet nothings with me....I totally went into the 'whoppeee!!!!' mode!
The depression vanished into thin air and I felt almost as happy as the girl in question!

I know I have been blogging very intermittently these days but it is only now when the end terms are about to start that we have a little time to breathe, not too much but yes a little.

Academically, I have been messing up big time..but I guess that is okay...may be someother day, some other trimester.

Day after tommorow my end terms begin, we start with a non credit maths course , so I will begin work for it tommorrow only.

Take care:)


Anonymous said...

Sweet little things like the one mentioned are the gems of life. You look for bigger joys and they will evade you. But when you are down you find one of these sparkles and they lighten up everything.

So go on enjoying the little things in life and keep us posted.

Daroga said...

gayab hokar wapas aane waali ko Raam Pyari kehte hain :P :P :P

Shekhar said...

Two posts in such short time !! This is like a pre-Diwali bonus... :)

And what a co-incidence !! Just yesterday I was with two very close friends of mine who've recently started going around with each other... and it was so special to see them both sharing the same couch at a coffee shop and whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears..

Of course, when they looked up in my direction, I would have to very quickly put on an innocent look and stare into my glass of iced tea! :))

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

hmmm... someone is feeling all homesick... hota hai... part of the bschool grind.. and anyways.. diwali coming up so i am sure you will go home.. think of that and be happy :)

u know what.. two of my best friends are gonna get married soon.. and there is nothing quite watching them all in love .. great fun!

Unknown said...

Such sweet stuff really manages to change your mood, esp when its a friend :D

All the best for your term :)

satish said...

now it will sound very 'cliche'd now but even one of my friends has got involved with a girl.

gud luck for exams!