Sunday, February 11, 2007

So I am overflowing with self pity at the moment.I am not feeling well, have been in tears most of the day and in general am quite busy feeling wretched when I am not equally feeling faint and imbalanced[mentally and physically].[whateveah that means!]

My life sucks.At this point in time , it really does..


Anonymous said...
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aMyth said...

huh? what kinda comment is that? hmm..

anyways.. when u feel down, just pop into orkut.. leave a message. will sure try to cheer u up :)

whoami said...
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naween said...

same pinch.

Raam Pyari said...

@anon--u dunnn even deserve a response.

@the theek feel karring..waise chirkut toh hai hi!

@naween--:(, why u low?

aMyth said...

:) that's good!

btw, y did u take off the "only blogger members can comment" option? u could avoid such anon comments with that.

Sumit Tada said...

Yeh kya ho gaya tumhe????
Last time tak to theek-thak they!

Wishing that u get well and happy soon :)

sanguine said...


Rebellion said...

Beeeeeeeeeeeg hug to you bacha :)
Don't worry...
Life hai, fight hai,
chalta hai, chala jaayega!
Whatever that meant! :P
Bolne ka matbal yeh hai ke don't worry, life will be at your fingertip soon.. just be ready with a smile :)

Take care,

Rebellion said...

Oyeeeeee, I phorgot!!!
I was gussa with you.. uff!!!

Anonymous said...

delete comments.. your blog your prerogative :)

but lemme guess.. this bout of depression because you couldn't get through FMS written.. or was it bcoz u screwed up some other exam and or GD/PI ?

Pradyot said...

Don't listen to this anonylameass.... take a chill pill and enjoy. everything will fall in place eventually.

Sumit Tada said...

Why dont you disable anon comment???
Though it will mean some trouble for ur readers, but ab to google account bhi use kar sakte hain blogger pe, to shudnt me much problm.....

Raam Pyari said...

@the oth me thinks ki enable karna padega! *sigh*
am sooper lazy yaar..koi karr deh !!

@sumit--mood and muasm ka, koi bharosa nahi hota hai!!

badde din baad aap aye! I hope aap visit karte rehte honge, veen if u leave no comments

@sanguine---thankyou :)
thankyou soo much:)
*maxx fond type luk*

@aarti di--aap matt gussa ho!
plz, plz plz plz:(

aap toh 'di' ho, di log koh gussa hona ni allowed hai, meine rule buk mein abhi abhi padha!
*maxx padhaku luk*

:)*winning smile, jiskoh dekh karr aarti di ka gussa gayab ho gaya hoga!*

@anon--forget it, U dunn merit a comment here either.

Raam Pyari said...

@ praddy---thanks for the vote of confidence:)


@sumit--haan , me thinks alas pana chodd karr, I will now immediately disable anon comments.

Anonymous said...

nice :)

Anonymous said...

hello! anonymity is still allowed!!!
disable kar de yaar... let not people talk behind the curtains ;)


Raam Pyari said...

@th myth--dun duna dun done!

Adarsh said...

arre arre.... bahut kuchh hui gawa while hum away raha !!!
aasa karte hain ki ab sabhay kuchh badhiya hai....
ek bada waala ismile to maangtaich hai..... :)

Rebellion said...

Hai main marjaava!
Inne sweetly manaoge toh main kya, koi bhi maan jaayega :D