Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I am okay now:)

Some of you pamper me . Even if you do not realize that.

Anyways...there are a couple of things I wanted to blog about.

First and foremost my seventh semester end sem results were declared last night.And I have topped*taleezz*.
I know ,under the present circumstances the college performance does not matter but still it is nice to know that I managed to pull this one off!
I had CAT on the 19th, then IIFT on the 26th and only then did I begin with my end sem work.There were files to be submitted, vivae to be given, for the first time proffz were not happy with me as I had not attended classes...there were so many things happening .

I remember feeling sooooo tired and worked up. On 10th of December I had the Narsee Monjee Entrance exam and the JMET exam.The End sems began from the 13th.
It was so phunny!!
And this continued right through the End sems. Infact on one occassioin, I gave a Management entrance one day and an End sem[Bioinformatics] the other day.Not to mention the fact that at that time three of our relatives had also come over.

It has been fun.... I guess.

Amongst other news I have not even begun, in earnest, work for NM and I should stop behaving the way that I am right now!

We have been having such nice weather of late.I simply love winters and rains.It is heavenly to wake up and see the sky overcast.It is simply OSSUUMM!
The wollens which had been put away are being brought out again, it has been raining heavily since morning and we even had a hailstorm today!!!

Then I spent a couple of hours with a family friends' 5 month old daughter.She is sucha happy baby . I showed her my room and the computer and told her soooo much about the rubbish MBA situation that I am in. And I know she understood all that I was saying; she was listening so quietly to all of it .
Then I put a red bindi on her forehead and she looked adorable!!

It is raining even now, it is dark outside; partly coz it is almost seven but then it has been this dark since afternoon!
After a very confused morning[ wherein I decided ot not go for a interview call that I have] I have had a nice evening and am feeling quite nice and happy even though nothing very nice has happened.

aaahhh..don't I love feeling this way!


P.S Anonymous comments have been disabled.


Creepa! said...

Congratsssss diiiiii >:D<
*pats her back*
Im Proud of you!!! :)

and me too loves this weather until n unless im at home :P!!

pravin said...

gee .. you're smart

ranjan said...

//I have had a nice evening and am feeling quite nice and happy even though nothing very nice has happened.//

I sooo understand dat..rains, beautiful and pure :-)...

naween said...

a beautiful day for a beautiful lady [ ghisa pita dialogue, i know :P]

satish said...


i am little curious abt this whole not-allowing-anonymous-comments business though. i know its none of my business but i wud still like to know the reason. you had disallowed it earlier too, right? which was quite okay for me. but then you removed the restriction.

to be honest, i was happy. because i felt tht u had somehow reached to a state wher u knew tht what a random guy thinks abt ur posts dint matter to u anymore. so wen it doesnt matter anyway then why not disallow it altogether?? becos i personally think that anon comments are important. they are important because sometimes they are bitter. and we all need to have some bitterness around right?? you know it for a fact that no one of your friends are ever going to critise you. they will always find something positive in your otherwise suckingly boring post, and praise you for that.

and its not that that anon comments are always bitter. some of the best comments tht i see around blogosphere come from anons and believe me wen they do they wud make your day. you are killing any possibility of it wen u ban them altogether.

and again, if for nothing, an evolved society is one where ther are no restrictions on expressing opinions. we all are adults enuf to know what and what not to take from this otherwise full of shit world.

i dont know but it felt like tht even this decision is not completely yours. as if you did it to please some of your well wishers.

aMyth! said...

goody!! i soooo love the overcast sky. though writers try to describe a beautiful day by using the "clear blue sky" in their books, i have always been in love with the other version :)

oh..and congrats, on topping, yet again!!! u do love great toppings, don't u? (sorry for the PJ)

hi dude. i do agree to ur comment. anonymous comments could be great. and yes, disabling it is not a very nice move. But then, u didn't happen to read that comment someone posted, did u?

it wasn't just bitter, but vulgar. whoever made the comment forgets that this blog is for the author to post what she feels like. she's not forcing on people to read and comment. u like it, read it. u don't like it..well, move on. leave a comment. it coulb be bitter. tell her u don't like her posts anymore, so u will never visit again. tell her she's too boring or something. that's fine too. that's how it should be. but beyond a limit????? to be frank, it was bad even for a reader..

so i do support this step to disable anonymity, for a while atleast

Adarsh said...

Winter is beautiful....
Black is beautiful.....
Life is beautiful......
:) :) :) :) :)
aur haan {to whom it may concern}
jab decision le liya gaya hai to kaahe ka khit-pit machaye hue ho doston.... blog ki mallika ko ye sab sochne aur karne do....
aur haan... Happy V day to all :)

Rebellion said...

Congrats bacha >:D<
Happy Valentine's Day (Though I know you don't really believe in love, but then, the day can be celebrated with friends too right? :D)
And I must accept, you're good at manao-fy-ing haan, or maybe I'm a little too weak there ;) But ya, after looking at your winning smile, I wasn't gussa anymore but on one condition.. I want a party :D So come to Mumbai soon :P

You took the 5 MONTH old to your room & spoke stuff to her?? hehehe, thats soooo cute. I laughed soo much at that bacha. Who talks about your marriage haan? One choti si bachi only you are :)

As far as disabling anon comments are concerned, I don't think you're wrong. Though I agree with Satish too. He has a good point too, but then Satish, when we know apni-pyari-aur-choti-si-raam pyari is quite emotional and anyone telling her anything will definitely make a difference to her, I think its better to disable them rather than let them keep bothering us :)

Take care bacha,
Aarti Di :)

aMyth! said...

oh, hey.. i think u just made the 5 month old decide NOT to go for MBA.. heeheeh..

sumit_tada said...

Nice to see u happy again....mausam bhi badal gaya ;)

And yeah rain and winters are nice,lekin is baari the un expected rain ruined two out of three days of our college's tech-cum-cultural fest :(
Last day ko to maine rain coat pehan ke ek event co-ordinate ki!!!

And agar anon comments ke liye voting karwani hai to meri taraf se 2 votes for not allowing it :)
And yeah i used to visit ur blog lekin comment likhne ka mann nai karta thaa....and due to same reason, mera blog sunsaan pada hai itne dino se :(

U keep writing :-)

Suds said...

Hey Sis, Happy Valentines day. :) It is great to hear you are feeling fine now. :)


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hey raampyaari
glad to see you are feeling better and congrats on topping!! :)

i responded to your comment on my blog but i don't know where it disappeared. glad to know the post made you happy, and one big hug to your mom from me. :) your post made me very happy. ;)

~Nayan~ said...

i miss winters in mumbai
buhuhuhuhu bhuhuhuhhuuhuhu:(:(:(:(

atul lakhotia said...

congrats for topping...girls have made a habit of topping..or say habit of studying in the college also :P

even in my class top 5 are girls :P
im too an engg in final sem.

hw abt ur mba results????

sanguine said...

mubarak , pyaarijee...
and LOL @ "And I know she understood all that I was saying"

and on the anon comment disabled discussion .. i jus have one thing to say that inspite the fact that one wants people to comment , thr is as much as one can take / ignore .. and i have seen many people jus give up bloggin only coz some jerk decided to leave trashy comments..

so good for you , pyaari jee ... able disable whatever..ur choice .. but dont ever stop writing coz of these jerks ..

sumit_tada said...

Kahan gayab ho gaye ji????????
We want more!!!