Sunday, July 03, 2005

well..well....well...i got up today to find a visibly harried 'kamwali' telling ma that sumone has (i really dont know how to put this in english!) done some kind of black magic to divert the problems of their household to ours!!! ( Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation)

Quite excited and overflowing with joyous anticipation i followed her to where the stuff was expecting to see something along the lines of a skull and a doll with pins in it and the such like...however this was not to be...all i saw was some 'urd-ki-daal' littered near the main gate!
That was ALL!!!!!!
Spoiling the name of black magic i should say!!!

Any ways ma got a bit harried nevertheless... and an emergency family meeting was like immmediately called for!Therein we spent a good couple of hours speculating on the whos and the whys ...the obvious suspects are some of the very superstitious neighbours we have around....hOWever the undecurrent of extreme tension beffitting this solemn occassion was missing coz of majority of us rolling down our respective chairs and deewans laughing our heads off...

The 'kamwali' looked postively hurt at such a response and therefore proceeded to give us a detailed account of her brother -in-law who has been reduced to a good for nothing drunkard after someone did something with the aforementioned 'urd-ki-dal!' This horrific tale of the hidden potential of the inocuous looking 'urd-ki-daal' however did not bring the desired effect either with bro coming up with the brilliant suggestin of picking up the daal and asking the 'kamwali' to prepare for all o us something lipsmackingly delicious!!!

THe horrified look on the 'kamwali's' face was again suuficient to sent us all( most o us had sombered down by that time) into a fresh ebullitions of unrestrained mirth which again pained the 'kamwali ' no end who looked ready to smack bro on the head with the jhadu both of wich( i mean the jhadu and bro's head ) were in easy reach! ...
All in all not a very good day for the 'kamwali'


shaivya said...
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nivindya said...

why is it urd ki dal..not moong ki dal..??
and by the way..i do agree with your kamwali and do believe that sha has been seriously misjudged!!
great reading..loads of fun!!
looking forward to more tickles..

Raam Pyari said...

hey shaivya... you remebered my blog add!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am supremely impressed!!!!

Raam Pyari said...

hey made your blog id!!!!!! bale bale!!!
bravo to you to!
well done ....

Tiger said...

hmmm... was it white urad dal or the one with the black coating still on it - you know the chilke wali urad ki dal?

Tushar said...

hamre neighbours ke ghar bahar bhi urd ki daal mili thi and they blamed us
for putting it up and instead of fiting we were laughing and laughing
God cant forget tht sight they were arguing and we were laughng anyrhing
nice post