Saturday, July 09, 2005

the good

1. Got a gorgeous 'payal' from nani!!!
2. Told younger bro on his face that he is akin to the lowest form of pond life ( ha! ha! ha!)
3. Held the door open for an old lady at the bank.
4. And as i was doing so i could feel the milk of human kindness sloshing inside me...
5. Asked the waiter at an eating joint how big the 8 inch pizza was.
6. Got a major kick out of that!

the bad

1. Friend A told me that that there are as many dogs in b'lore as there are engineers.
2. Went to my father for some sympathy...he heard what i had to say...thought for a moment and said," dogs kum honge"
3. Whatever!!!
4. Watched a movie in a theatre with no ac!
5. Saw a relatively huge bird sitting inside one of the coolers that was not working ( i mean the cooler not the bird) ...spent atleast half of the movie time watching the bird
6. All The other coolers (which were without birds and working ) were pretending to be heaters!

the ugly

1.Saw 'War of the worlds ' in hindi
2. The old woman for whom i held the door open at the bank turned her blazing eyes at me and yelled at me ( a repersentative of the uncooth , uncivilised younger generation ) for being soo patronising, disparaging and( there wa one more word she used... yes!) condescending!
3. never in my life again will i hold doors open for old ppl to walk past and THEN yell at me!!!
4. Made 4 rotis yeaterday.


shaivya said...
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latika said...

the good
that i personally know someone with their own pages on the net..
the bad
all that u had been thinking lately
(and that u called me a'nikkama' person)
the ugly
the hottest chic in the batch gets a bad hair cut
hi... i know i am just supposed give my comments... but a Quite Mr
Wopsle myself...more than one person will then read me this way yaar....
and i can take this much liberty with u i guess!!... neway ...
that 'urad ki dal' article... you simply rereminded me of ur amazing way with words...
and about harry potter.. don't u worry...even i didn't like it that much..i think he's become too much of an egoist bloke..
chalo then ... looking forward to read more of ur blogs.....

Raam Pyari said...

latika, now from what you have told me the hair cut does not sound bad at all!!!!! Infact i'm dying to get a peek at you now;)
i'll definitely come over/ drop by in the next couple of days
....and i stand by the fact that you are the 'nikkamma' of the highest order!

latika said...

how rude was that!!!!!

Raam Pyari said...

hey listen up..latika...jus did all that is important for making gud kebabs---forYOU goes to proove what a hard working gal i am!!!! u continue to be a lazy bone
ha! ha! ha!

Raam Pyari said...

hey shaivya....i chekd my mail...i see theres one from you but i cant open it....
kya bhej diya hai ki mail khul hi nahi raha hai!!!!???
rani beti ki tarah jaldi se batao....

nivindya said... not too sure..
what am i sposed to do..oh yeah
post a comment..
oops sorry ruchita..that wasnt meant to come out..
now u know i chek out ur blog regularly without being forced on gunpoint by you..hehehehahe ;>
so i heard something great is happening on the 16th,,hope ur ready for it..
oh yeahh..
about the article..
good effort ..i was grinning all the way thru..jiyo mere lal!!
nd u wanna bet that old lady had had a fite at home with hubby b4 cumin dnt let that ruin ur faith in the goodness of the human race..
well,waiting for the next instalment of the life and times of ruchita..

Raam Pyari said...

hey nivindya.. today is the 16th and no news ....waitinn...'

Anonymous said...

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gamathepsicop said...

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