Thursday, June 26, 2014

So long, so long…

Tonight is our last night in the apartment I have called home for the last 4 years. Not a big thing, you would say.
Only for me, it is.

While Sid’s Dad was in the Air force and hence the entire family shifted based every couple of years, my father is a doctor and once we moved into our house 20 years back, we stayed put. A change in house is a bigger deal for me than it is for the rest., particularly Sid who has done this every 2 years for the first 20 years of his life.
You see, this is only the 3rd house I have ever lived in.

I came her fresh off the boat ;). A 25 year old newly married girl (really, did I marry that young??), unsure and possibly a little intimidated by everything around. Everything was new. Sometimes I now wondered how I did it all! I had left my job, family and friends- heck- my entire life behind me to start a new.

Exciting? Yes.

A tad scary? YES!

The house saw me get to know Sid. It saw us fight, it saw us make up. It saw me not comprehending why anyone would want to put mirchi powder in food, it saw me begin to put atleast some every once in while…

It saw me change. It saw Sid change. It saw us both adapt to each other’s ways in ways neither had expected.

It saw me wonder if I could possibly even consider considering a book. It saw me sign the contract of the second one.

It saw me confused because of health issues. It saw me finally able to go to the doctors on my own.

It saw me take some tough decisions…it saw me grow.

It was the home I came back to from work.

We are moving to our own place. Our first house together. More on that later because tonight it is all about the house that has been my home for the last 4 years.

So long, Flat 31, you shall be missed….

Flat 1, here we come J


Akanksha Dureja said...

I have been living away from home for almost 12 years now and I have lost count of the number of houses I have called home.

Change is the flavor of my life but one thing remains certain and does not alter- I get attached to every place I have made home and it gets difficult to part ways and I continue to miss my favorite corners until I find new ones. :-)

A said...

Good luck and wishing you a lot of happy memories in the new home!

Ankita said...

shifting houses is such a pain..oh!

Nice post!

RG said...

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LC said...

Hey Ruchita... Congrats on the new house :). The joy of moving into your own house is altogether different. You will soon be totally in love with your new place and neighborhood. And when you are done settling down, share some pictures of the new place :).