Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Times Table

Recently, while in India, I had to live through (could not find a better word) about 10 minutes of extreme anxiety.

How I dealt with that time surprised me.

From somewhere deep within, as my  mind grew more and more anxious, the brain devised a solution for itself.

I spent the better part of the ten minutes doing mental maths.

I calculated the times table from 16 to 23. I am quite good with maths and as my brain voluntarily occupied itself with the complexities of multiplying 17 by 8 (136, by the way, comes instantly to mind and I am not showing off here), my body relaxed as if someone had done some magic.

Before I resorted to mental maths I had tried deep breathing, visualising etc etc. All had failed in seconds. Mental maths took me through till the end :)

It is funny, is not it, the things that your mind can find comforting.

I was wondering if others have had similar experiences and if so what finally worked?




anks said...

bollywood songs.... the most random meaningless ones stuck on repeat in my mental radio... these have gotten me thru some of life's worst moments...

TM said...

Three things only you could have done:

1) To think about doing something else just to get rid of 10 minutes :). I wouldn't have bothered.
2) The complex multiplications, of course, and,
3) Made a blog entry of it !!!!

Jokes apart, hope the anxiety was for a good cause and ended on the favorable side.

abhinav rastogi said...

Should have taken a power nap !!!

By the way I really liked your book.


ID said...

Sometimes just allowing your mind to ruminate over it fades it off....give your mind time to settle will eventually!

Pink Mango Tree said...

If in a crowd, I love to observe people and make sure I take my eyes off when I feel they are also observing me :p :p