Saturday, August 03, 2013

Random updates

  • A big dream seems fairly distant now. I have been working hard at it but sometimes success takes its own sweet time. I am this close to giving up but I know that I am not a quitter. I am keen to see how things will pan out. If only...
  • I returned to London yesterday after spending last week in Turkey. It was a good, relaxing holiday which we had taken with the in laws.  I will put up a picture post soon.
  • Now is also the first time in 6 weeks that its just the two of us at home. The house does feel a little empty.
  • I saw Inkaar today and was totally blown away by Arjun Rampal. He is an absolutely fabulous actor and I don't know why I was surprised by this!
  • I am down with flu and cough, fyi
  • Monday onwards I start a completely new role at work. I never thought that one day I will be doing B2B sales in Europe! And here I am, all excited about it. Really really looking forward to it :)
  •  I am also planning a surprise for someone...I love planning surprises! Yohoooo!
  • I have cut off all carbs from dinner in an attempt to lose 1.3 kilos of weight.
  • I made chocolate and pistachio cake for Sid (and a friend) today and ate half of it myself. I think I am now overweight by 3.3 kilos. *Sigh* Here is a picture of the warm, soft and absolutely delicious cake fresh from the oven :
  • I have started experimenting with nail paint colors. Instead of the usual pinks and reds I am now using oranges, purples and (lo and behold) ornage and purples! I know- does not sound too appetizing but well, better to do it and regret it than not do it ;)
  • I read a John Grisham in Istanbul and have just ordered 'Game of Thrones'. I also really really want to read ( I mean re rereread) The Harry Potter books. And Pride and Prejudice. Sometimes I crave these books as if they are long lost friends...
  •  On weekends when I should sleep till ten, I am generally up by 7. Arrrggghhh. The unfairness.
And as randomly as this list began, it ends ;)



Blue Shower said...

Blue Shower said...

Blue Shower said...

I HEARD YOU said...

hi there! this post started with a gloomy line,i must say. But then bakery and surprises set an entirely different mood :-P And will you spread the details of your new project? I hope its another book! But in any case we all know you'll get over your hard times by slogging some more ;-)
And i have tried reading pride and prejudice but it makes me go absolute bonkers everytime! The archaic english laughs at my face! seriously, a girl used to be handsome in those times o_O

Aarthy said...

I have read pride and prejudice thrice,listened to the audio book once and have lost count of the number of times I've watched the different versions of the movie. Whats with that book? I have'nt done this with any other.

Priya K said...

I love pride and prejudice and diary of a young girl.. Red it thrice too.. I love your writing style.. New to you blog.. Keep writing..!!