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Hakuna Matata! The Africa Diaries- Part 5

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Back in Nairobi, I kissed Eddie.

I would not have done this on my own ever (ever, ever!!) but my husband of three years insisted that I do.

Wait, it gets worse.

 Eddie is a giraffe.

A gorgeous doe eyed giraffe.
With  a ten foot long, twenty foot wide purple tongue.

Here is a picture. And I will speak no more about it.
I still cringe when I look at it.

The second part of the packed day was spent in the Masai Market. The market stocks Masai arts and craft and is  a magnet for the tourists. It was in the by lanes of this dark, dingy yet gloriously colourful market that someone called out to me. Sid was further ahead haggling with a vendor and I was just walking around taking in the sights.

'Why aren't you in school' shouted a man at me.

Oh well.

'Sorry?' I said though of course I was beyond pleased.

' you should be in school at this hour' the man said again.

'I left school 13 years back' I said trying hard to keep the smugness out of my face.

'Really' said the man settling his wares. He was possibly in his late twenties.

' Where are you from' he asked studying me closely.

' Where do you think I am from?' I retorted.

' khem cho? ' he said grinning from ear to ear.

' no, not khem cho', I said curtly. I have never even visited Gujarat.

The man took a while but we soon zeroed in on London.

'Princess Diana' he said knowingly. I mentally LOL-ed.

I nodded my head. Yes, princess Diana

He man paused and then said
'Are your shoes good?'

I looked down at my sketchers.


'Did you buy them in London?' he asked again.

'Yes' I said wondering where this was going.

'How much ' he asked.

'How much for what?' I asked perplexed.

'For the shoes' he said shrugging his shoulders.

To say the least, I was taken aback.

'No I don't want to sell them'

'Take this' he fiddled around in his shop and then pulled put a mask 'and give me your shoes'

' no' I said.

'Okay' he said patiently 'No problem I give you money'




'Lots of dollars'

'N...err how many'

The man thought for a second

'Five',  he said.

And with that ended our short, quick stay in Nairobi. I could hardly wait for the next day because then I would head out for Masai Mara or 'The Mara'.

I am going to divide the last three posts of this series into write ups about three aspects of the Mara. The land, the animals and the people. The three posts will sum up the most beautiful place I have ever been to...
Hakuna Matata!

PS:  The posts have been delayed because...err...I am travelling again. Bear with me, please :)

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Alcina said...

Hehehe..that would have been a delightful moment indeed.
So did you give your shoes?