Monday, March 18, 2013


I wear many hats, often more than i can easily manage on my little head.

Most of the time, i spread myself too thin with my hands in many and varied projects. That is really odd because for the longest time ever, my life was only about one thing. Academics.

Anyway, so one of the many things I am dabbling in at the moment is dance. I have always had a love hate relationship with it and it is only recently that i have really begun to enjoy it. Twice each week, we get together in a dance studio situated in what can best be described as a quirky part of London and dance our stress away. There are 15-20 students in my class, mostly working professionals from different parts of the world and the country with one thing in common- love for bollywood and dance!

This Sunday I performed on stage for the first time in like 200 years. It was just a 3 minute performance for which we had spent weeks practising- but in the end it was so worth it.

The noise, the lights, the cheering, the butterflies in my stomach, the 'i think i have forgotten all the steps' looks exchanged with the group as we waited for our turn, the anticipation of it all and the fact that no one (read NO ONE) goofed up!

There is, indeed,  something extremely special about being part of a bigger group where the 'we' means more than the 'I'. We performed to 'Pandey Ji' and I don't think i will ever be able to listen to that song again without my shoulders moving involuntarily :-)

While i anticipated many benefits of dancing ( my body is more toned, I definitely feel that my stamina has increased, I feel extremely good after the hour long work out etc etc) there is another angle that i had never anticipated.


Enough said :)

Leaving you with some pictures from the last class of the term.

Listening to final instructions from our instructor.

Pandey jee, thomp thomp! :-)



I HEARD YOU said...

Hurray! Way to go RP. Dancing in front of an audience is a really bold thing!

shveta said...

hey you are nominated for Liebster Award here

Sakshi said...

Waah ji waah.. I so wish that I could go back to dancing..

Divya said...

I enjoy dancing though in groups :) I feel it is fun and it rejuvenates you completely :) :) I wish I could learn it professionally - reading your post has actually inspired me to give some serious thought into this interest and hopefully I shall be able to cultivate it soon :)