Saturday, May 19, 2012


There was a time not so long ago, when i firmly believed that old people were all 30 years old.
In a couple of years(yes years!), I will turn thirty and while i agree that age is but a number and with a few years still to go there is no need to panic, i am ..well...panicing.

Yes, i am in panic mode. I don't know when the teens turned into early twenties which turned into mid twenties and lo and behold, before we know it, I am in what can best be described as late-ish twenties ( no, i am not 29 yet!). I have been so so so busy grabbing the degrees, the jobs, the medals, the you-know-whats that i don't know where all the years vanished.

Coming to London, where something called a work life balance actually exists has been an eye opener.

Sometimes, these days I feel an incredible urge to live each moment. To not let any time go to waste. This heady feeling can be triggered by anything- Thames, trees, people...Queen Elizabeth...

Another thing that I have done in the recent past is that i have cut out negative people from my life. I have closed chapters that symbolised people who had agendas, who had insecurities that were plain wrong, who were too complicated for no reason. I realised that i have very little patience and energy for those who do not value their association with me or are...well..simply not very nice people. I don't fight; that way i am very non confrontational but i have learnt to stop investing in such people.

At the same time, I have met some people whose friendship I value deeply.

I also do more yoga.

Surya Namaskaras are turning out to be my latest crush. (ANd yes, this is turning out to be a totally random post too!) I love the way, each muscle in my ody feels happily stretched after i do a couple of sets of this fantastic exercise :)

I have also recently developed great love for walking. I put on my Uggs or my pumps and set out. i prefer to walk (rather than take the bus/tube) whenever i can. it is generally overcast, it is safe , men are not leering at the hemline of your skirt, roads are clean, cars stop when you cross the road- in short it is a joy to explore the city on foot. The cobbled streets, the pubs, the sounds of music, laughter....

And I have some travelling to look forward to again! Yay!
The next weekend will be spent in Paris and end of the first week in June will see us in Spain. Looking forward to both trips and hope to update my blog this time with stories of my travels soon :)

Till then, be good :)



Nisha said...

I truly admire your spirit and enthusiasm!deaperately need some of it.
This is the year of 30 for me..and you just cant imagine what I'm going through :(

Hope said...

I'm riding the same boat as u, where I'm not yet 29 and still almost nearing 30. The moment of shock and realization came to me too. I can totally relate to ur feelings. Take Care, and then indeed, it's just a number !

Sakshi said...

I really want to be where you are right now.. a place where there is work life balance and where you can actually make plans..

Have fun at your trips :)

Palak Dua said...

amazingly expressed ! nice work ! keep blogging! wd da same purity :)

Ishan Mathur said...

my gosh I would never be able to touch that depth.... i would be really happy if you can read mine too once

Ritu said...

I wept when I turned thirty. I felt so old! Now I am 50 plus and I feel younger than I did at that time. Its all in the mind, it really is. Happy birthday girl

Jeremiah Surge said...

Oh.. I thought you were older ;-P
Kidding! :D

Thisisme said...

guess what! I am a regualr at sayeshaz and have seen ur comments there ...have been on n off on ur blogs since agesss! :)) and suddenly i come here after yrs n discover that so much has happnd..if i remember correctly..u were studying when i had read ur blog last! :)) and now ur in fave city in the world..after india that is :)) and ur sentiments echo so much of what i used to feel during my longgg stay in london..its jst awesome! n great u have written a book as well..i m surely going to buy one rightaway :)
have spent last few hrs of offc time..reading all ur posts ...ab aur padha toh laat padegi :))
tk care!