Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wink Wink

So this happened yesterday.

It was Friday morning and I was on my way to work. Work has, of late been very demanding. I had a lot of work pending and was feeling very stressed as I started the long day ahead.

I generally have to take the tube to work but I was running late and needed to be on a conference call so i hopped on the bus to work.

So there i was, sitting sullen in the bus, not at all looking forward to the day that stretched unending in front of me. The bus trudged along slowly manouvering London's weekday 8 am traffic. I was lost in thought. Stressed and unhappy.

Sitting in the bus, I suddenly caught the eye of a young and might I add a very good looking, handsome man sitting in a on coming Mercedes. The traffic was slow and the two of us stared at each for a few seconds.

And then he gestured.

He used his hands to pull the sides of his lips downwards in an inverted 'U'. A sad face. Then he jiggled his hands to say that that is not good. He then smiled widely. A happy face. Then he gestured that that is really good.
As meaning dawned on me, unkown to me, i was alreay smiling.

He smiled.

And winked.

My bus and his car moved on leaving me smiling. :)

Sometimes little gestures mean so much. We are always looking for a validation of our existence. To be acknowledged, to be made to feel important in even a small insignificant way. Thank you, Stranger in the Mercedes. You made my day.



palak said...

wow.. dats so cute :) now keep smiling!dear:)

SCORPRIA... said...

The little joys of life.
Very cute!
Stay happy. Work's not life ;) It's just a tiny part of it :)

Tanishka... said...

It was so sweet of him... Keep smiling RP... :)

Dr Roshan R said...

hehe.. such a sweet gesture..

nikhil said...

little precious moments :)

ranjan said...

Just saw the launch of your book !! Amazing news - long time delay, but congratulations :) !!

Smita said...

awww!!! such a nioce gesture no? Special because it came from a stranger :)

Sakshi said...

Awwww.. I do that too.. esp to kids sitting glumly in other cars :)

Any way- I read your story in Femina and it was really nice :)

Bikramjit said...

he did that .. wow and you managed to see it too :)

Well done to the man to put a smile on a lady :)


Raam Pyari said...

@palak -:)

@scorpia- very true. work is not life, it is just part of it!

@Tanishka- :)

@niks- so true!

@ranjan- zenkyu hai jee!

@smita- yes, it cheered me up :P

@sakshi- lols, really!

@Bikram- yeah...our vehicles were very close by...

Blue Lotus said...

You and him made me smile now...

Swathy said...

How sweet.. Doesnt it make you feel isssssss special?? :D
Also a quick question: Is your book available on another website other than flipkart??
I am asking because Flip kart caters only within India , isnt it??
keep going RP.. :)
and you still have not written more in the girl series.. me waiting -
P.S: i ve moved to wrdpress.. visit me sometime..

Swathy said...

sorry my wordpress space is
- swathy.. :)

sumukh bansal said...

little things that can change your day..
awesome incident..