Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011 was interesting. Highlights:

  • I celebrated 2 years of marriage in 2011. Karwa chauth 2011 was the first day i recall when I ate absolutely no food. Am proud I could manage that feat :)
  • The beginning of the year saw me complete my first year in London. I had never thought I would leave India and knew that if I did, I would definitely hate being out of the country. 2011 saw me slowly fall in love with London and the big city- multi cultural pot of simmering ways of life that London proudly is.
  • Middle of 2011 witnessed me complete one year of work in London. Can;t believe that I managed to get a decent job in recession hit London.
  • I changed roles towards the end of 2011. I am very grateful that I had options to chose from inspite of how the markets outside are and I am thankful that people at work appreciate my capabilities and abilities.
  • I travelled extensively this year. Sid & I started 2011 with Nice (France) and  Monaco- gorgeous beautiful places. We managed to get out of the main city and explore villages near the beach. The camera can never capture the gorgeous beauty of the blue Mediterranean sea. Never!
Near Nice, France

  • Italy- The Nice trip was closely followed by a ten day trip across Italy ( we visited the lovely Rome, Florence, Venice and Pisa). We mostly did touristy things in Italy plus I was quite unwell during the time. We are therefore planning another trip to the beautiful Italy in 2012!
  • Next up, in June 2011 was the absolutely stunning Spain. I realised during this trip that I am not a big city person, I enjoy the smaller cities much more- that's where you get to see the real culture of a country. After spending a few days in Barcelona, we headed out to Tarragona, again a beach village near Barcelona. And it was lovely!  

Yours truly in Spain

Tarragona, Spain

  • Then our next trip took us to the city of a 100 Spires, Prague! Here are some pictures of the beautiful, charismatic city!

View of Prague

  • This was followed by a trip to New York City (And the Niagara falls! A must see!!!). Add to that two trips to India and you will see how busy I have been travelling across the world!

The breath takingly beautiful Niagara Falls

New York City

View at night from the Empire State building
  • I learnt to cook better. Yes, I did! For a party I threw last night, I made samosas, khandavi, quesadillas, spinach pin wheels etc etc all on my own! 
  • Made new friends. A dear friend now, is a girl who I met first on a Jet Airways flight from Delhi to London in the beginning of 2011! She was sitting next to me and we exchanged numbers on the flight....nothing happened for the next two months but after that we started meeting up, got our husbands to meet who got along really well...and voila! friends!
  • Being married to a sports enthusiast ensured that we were sitting in stadiums across London for a variety of key matches! This huge list included India England cricket matches at both the Oval and Lords. We lost one and drew the other :(

Eng Vs India, Oval
  • Tennis- we were there at the Wimbledon grounds cheering on Leander Paes in the doubles mixed (he lost too)
Leander Paes, Wimbledon, having just lost the match :(
Mens doubles semi finals: Wimbledon 2011- the crowds begin to gather

  • Saw the God of Tennis- Roger Federer live in action in the Barclays O2 Mens Finals. And thankfully he won! What a sight it was, to see each and every person in the arena stand up and applaud that one man. It was a moment I will never forget.
Roger Federer at the ATP World Tour Finals- what greatness and what a humble man
  • Add to that a couple of football matches and you will realise how busy we have been sitting in stadiums too!
  • Sid got me to see Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dace tap dancing show. Tap dancing had fascinated me even as a child and I simply loved watching these incredible men and women perform with grace and energy.

Michael Flately's Lord of the Dance
  •  Apart from that , we watched almost every movie that we had the whim to watch and loved every bit of the gorgeous silver screen that cinemas across the world had to offer! 
As you can see it has been a busy year. Add to all of the above a book. 2011 saw me become something I never dreamt I would become in my twenties. An author. On the 1st of September 2011, my first book got released by Rupa & Co to a largely positive response. It made to best seller lists, i gave many many interviews (which reminds me that there are two pending sets of questions that I should answer ASAP), I wrote an article for TOI which was met with a great response, newspapers carried pieces on me and TIB, I launched the book in Delhi, i gave autographs, I addressed a crowd of over 500 people talking with them and telling them about TIB, i saw TIB kept in best seller sections in book stores in India. Most importantly, however, I got emails from my readers. They emailed me their love and appreciation for TIB. For that I thank you all.
Have a great 2012 ! I wish you all the health and happiness!




Chakoli said...

Happy New year :)

A beautiful recall :D

Bikramjit said...

you had a eventful year 2011..

Happy new year to you and family .. hope all ur wishes comes true

Take care


Sakshi said...

happy new year :)

NG said...

I love the photographs you've added with this post. Such pics come when you've all three of - an awesome camera, a good photographic sense and of course, places worthy of the previous two.

I wish 2012 greets you with another book and grander experiences!

Happy new year :)

Tanishka... said...

Wish you a very happy and fun filled New Year.... :)

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Shekhar said...

Wow!! Have you been busy or have you been busy? :D

Here's wishing you a Very Happy New Year. Hope 2012 is even more fun and eventful than the previous year. Cheers! :) said...

health and happiness it is !! :)

Nisha said...

All I could see in the post is that you're a very enthusiastic and hard-working person. You have such a longggg way to go!! All the best and a veryyy happy new year :)

Vaish said...

that's a great way to remember 2011 and pay tribute to that!
Wishing you a fabulous new year !

Jeremiah Surge said...

Hmm.. envy you! but then, all of us have our achievements and a great new year to look forward to!