Friday, October 01, 2010

DAY 4- Post 4

Not looking up

Things are not looking up on a lot of fronts. Of importance is something I have been working on for almost the whole of this year. I have done my bit and now the ball is in someone else’s court. And that someone is certainly not responding.

In all fairness, it is a big project. In fact the biggest I have ever taken up in my life. I had thought the first part was the difficult one but now I realise that it was not.

I feel strained and stressed.

And I hate the hope that is there in my mind and soul even as I type this.

I so wish it could happen, I so wish it would happen…..I do not want to give up.

May be I should enjoy the process more, maybe then it will happen.

In other things, I have started missing home a lot. I am so far away from my family that I feel distanced simply because of the actual distance and time difference.

Maybe that is why people have kids. Some one who is your very own, till he/ she does not become a teenager atleast!

Anyways, am just a little depressed and sad. Hopefully I will come back with a more cheerful post tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

All is well :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

yeah, you need to enjoy the process more... I feel this often for myself.

Hey but one question... Why have you started writing only R in your signature at the end of the posts..and not RP?
was "R pj i" the reason? that was on a lighter vein...sorry if it sounded otherwise... :)

Raam Pyari said...

@anon 1- thanks:)

@anon 2- RP is my avatar on blogger. R is actually me. I often sign my mails in office/ personal ones with just an R.