Sunday, May 16, 2010


I am in India at the moment. And am loving every second of it!! Trying to make every second last a little longer, memorise a little more, observe a little more....

I sleep with Ma and Dad. My brother is here as he is doing his internship and preparing for MD entrance exam. It is, therefore, after a VERY long time that all 4 of us are together.

Sid is in London and though I miss him terribly, I am very glad of this time I am getting with my folks.

It is very hot and we have an AC in each room but still we all (Mum, dad Bhai and I ) sleep in one room. I sleep with Ma and Dad on the bed and my brother studies on his table right next to where I sleep with his lamp on. I fish out my book, New Moon that I bought at Heathrow and read it till late in to the night by the light from the lamp shade. It is quiet except for Bhai’s murmurings as he studies in deep concentration. There is the regular sound my AC makes but most importantly I have my Mum’s arm around me.

Nothing Nothing, NOTHING beats having your Mum close to you. Right next to you. Fingers willingly entwining into yours if you reach out for her hand.

This is what I miss most when I am in London. Ma and her hands. They are quite ugly to look at. Infact if you see her face you would not think the hands belong to this face but for me they are most beautiful hands on the planet.

I sleep in peace.


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