Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yesterday I was visting my own blog after a long time and I started sifting through the previous posts…..its really funny you know when you have been blogging for so long – I can see a younger me in the earlier posts…I used to blog regularly then, so there is a lot about me there which I myself had forgotten.

Today is one of those rare occassioins when my B school has given me a holiday.I am now so used to working 7 days a week that a holiday seems odd and out of place though always welcome obviously!

Yesterday I had an important viva.It dealt with the summer project I had done for my summers some time back.Of late I had been avoiding giving presentations… I just felt that there are better presenters in our core project group.So the final compliment from the panel was a welcome surprise.

The reason why I mention this is because I have to stop undermining my own abilities.But then my mind becomes a slish-slosh of everything. I don’t know how useful it would be…I don’t know..there is so much running through my head.

Apart from this to day next month this time (its 8:53 am) I would be home! I have been missing home a lot these days.I am tired of taking care of myself, I just want good rest, a relaxed atmosphere, a nice clean loo, I want to decide which tube light is to be kept on and which off, I want nice food, I want to watch TV , I want to be driven around in a car and not in a rickety auto.These days I have been feeling very exhausted with all this….I just want to go back home and curl on the bed and sleep for 2 days straight!

One month seems like a lot of time.Particularly after L (remember her? My frnd back home) thought I was coming home on the 29th of August and not 29th of September.
I want time to hurry up- but for once I know that as time passes by the day I will have to leave all this will also come closer.I don’t know what to wish for. I have had some bad times here of late- God knows I have had.But there has been a lot of good behind that bad.There have been times when I have felt very lonely but those moments have been few and numbered. I had often thought that I would never make friends at B school but I have been proven wrong and I am so glad about that.

I like the easy camraderie I share with my roomie.How easily I can read all her expressions and how easliy she can inspite of being who she is [:P] read mine. There are things about her which obviously I cannot understand even after staying with her for over an year but t the same time it is funny how fond I have become of her.[tw]

There are other people on campus, though few in number whose friendship I really value.Anyways that would make a post in itself.I will come up with one if I feel I can or if I feel the need for it..:)
So today is a lazy day..actually not really-I have a lot of work to wrap up today and I think I should get going ….
Lots of love
And work hard.


naween said...

woah!! with this renewed zeal, i'd hate to be on the other side of the table when ram pyari is the one making the deal [;)]

Swathy said...

yeh padte pedte.. mere hostel ke din yaad aa gaye!!

Anonymous said...

Hey RP,
It is like bonus!! I am finding 2 new posts at once, god is a bit extra Generous today!
ur writings are so simple yet so touchy...Write OFTEN... request not order OK :)

Silent reader (Not any more [:P])

Swathy said...

yippee!! even I l be home next month around this time!!
home, sweet home!