Monday, February 04, 2008

I am in a quiet room in the basement of my hostel. With today being Day Zero of placements for the senior batch, this common room which is generally used for gruop meets etc breathes silence.

Today has been exceptionally quiet as I was in my room for the better part fo the day, working on a white paper which has to be submitted 5th midnight.

I have realised that I like working on White Papers a lot, I am not as hopeless with them as I had believed myself to be!

Life here has changed me in many ways. Somtimes I wonder how my life would have been had I not gotten through Bschool.
Maybe I would be married by now.


The city...slowly but steadily it seems to be growing on me. I like its broad roads, lined with trees on either rides have become quite a hit with me now!!

phew! need to cut short the more work for the paper :

BUy Buy


satish said...


Ragamalika, Malik, Rags, wateva! said...

Lovely blog! Chronicles life and your observations pretty well, i must say. And your Tamil skills aint bad either ;)
I think you're the kind of person we need at Manipal Media Students' Convention. Please take some time to visit
I'm sure you'll be interested in it!
Hope you'll register soon!

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

What white papers are you working on?