Tuesday, July 17, 2007


So we have Yoga classes every alternate day at the painful hour of 6 in the morning.We sleep at 3 the previous night and are woken up by the various alarm clocks we set by 5:30 am.

As a side note, last to last turn, my roomies simply could not wake me up for the class and they had to leave without me!

So with 2 and a half hours of beauty sleep, the couple of us troop down to the place where the yoga sessions happen.
Yoga is compulsory though it is a non credit course.

One can easily spot poeple with tousled hair, crumpled clothes, straight out of the beds, glad to have managed to wke up at 6. Almost everyone is in a trance, we move like zombies, with our eyes closed, hoping to make it to the right room.
Eyes closed, I generally make way to the place where the mats are piled up, and with eyes closed I pick one of them and return to the hall where the yoga begins.

Till the time our instructor begins the session, we simply lie on the floor to catch up on sleep, most of us have to be woken up by guruji himself when he is about to start the session.

Now we have guruji who wears a white kurta payjama and comes to teach us the subtle nuances of yoga.
The session starts with us chanting something, even after many yoga sessions I am not really sure about what we chant...I just make weird noises and hope that that is what is being said.

The sad part is that this chanting has to be done with our eyes closed.Now with just 2.5 hours of sleep the previous night, keeping eyes closed and staying awake is totally impossible..so a couple of us start dozing off as soon as the chanting begins. This irks guruji very much.

The next thing in line is 'Bhatrika'. I personally do not even attempt bhastrika. And apparenlty there are many like me. So during the last class, a guy from my batch , closed his eyes, sat in the mudra and promptly fell asleep when he was supposed to be breathing in and out doing bhastrika. Guruji is smarrt. He can sense a sleeping yogi pretending to do yoga from a distance. So what he did was that he calmly walked upto the guy in question and put the mike in his hand right under the guy's nose.

All remained silent.

None of the heavy duty breathing sound that should have rightfully eminated from the mike.
Guruji kept the mike there for 30 40 seconds .The guy slept for the next 30-40 seconds.
Then guruji had had enough, he prodded the guy saying 'arre devdas, utho'

Devdas, blissfully asleep sitting in padmasan, was jerked out of his slumber. Within seconds he was back to doing bhastrika to the bets of his abilities amidst laughter around.

The point is that , shav asan is our fave asan, the moment guruji says, 'abb, aap kripiya let jaye, shav asan ki sthiti mein' , we give a mental whoop of joy and lie down on the mats , ready to catch a couple of minutes sleep.

Guruji spends the next few minutes waking up people by prodding them with his feet as he moves along the students.

When guruji begins the yoga class he always makes it a point to ask the class this question,' kaun kaun pet saaf karke aaya hai'.
Initially we were too embaressed to say anything and not a single hand would go up when this question was put up.But...now approximately 6-7 hands shoot up.
The reason is simple, guruji does not allow thses people to sit for yoga lessons, asks them to drink a cup of warm water, take a small 2 minute strol around and then spend soem time in the loo and then come back for yoga.So these guys just leave not to come till it is almost 7 and time to give attendance.

Yoga is good for health. Yoga gives us about 5-6 minutes of sleep, if you are a good potential manager you can grab upto 10 minutes of sleep.

aaaahhhh..sleep...ossum !

Gunite guys!


Praney said...

Very hilarious and familiar situation there.

I have been in the situations like that many times in many training camps where days long tiring physical and academic sessions make ‘sleeping’ your best friend and desire.

Though none of us would sleep while doing Yoga but we all would request our teacher to teach Shav Asana first which he would never listen. And obviously the best part in that particular session was Shav Asana. We suffered less cause we had to go to bed at 10.30 sharp.

And yeah I came via Sanguine and found your blog interesting. Best of Lucks!

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

he he he... awesome.. ( no.. i guess its supposed to be ossummm!! ) ...

trust me... there is nothing in this world like a sound sleep... :)

btw... how are the classes going?? learned the art of cut-copy-paste yet??

Rebellion said...

lolll. too good, esp the end. hehehe. Enjoy your sleep ;)

Good night, sweet dreams, take care :P

Anonymous said...

Arre yeh kya baat hui jo log soo jayenge unhe aapke guruji lat mar kar uthayenge.Apke yog guruji ko sabhyata aur sanskaron ka gyaan nahin hai kya.

Bhala to hai ki log sote hain yog ki class main. Kuch to acha istamal hota hai iska. Jab log 3 ghante ki neend lein uske baad aap kiyna bhi yoga kar lo koi fayda nahin hone wala.

Fir bhi lage rahiye, kahin kuch fayda ho hi jaye :)

creepa said...

Great to know u re njoying there..err..here :P !!

amit said...

he he...sahi hai...never knew tht any isti makes u practice Yoga !!!

Phoenix said...

You sure are enjoying yourself :)

Adarsh said...

jai ho baba Randev and Co.
subah 7 baje ki neend bahut miss karte hain....:P
Master of Yoga Classes... he he

satish said...


Shekhar said...

What happened to your mail account? :( I sent you a mail only to get a failure error !! :((((

Rebellion said...

Where are youuuuuuuu? Totally gaayab :'(

Tushar said...

enjoyed the yoga class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!