Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Kindly write your answer in points

*A cousin is shifting base to Kota to prepare for Medical exams and another is going to America...

*Last night I had a dream where in I saw bhaiyya leaving and I felt so terribly sad:(
*I hate Venn diagrams.

*While I am at it, I might add that I also happen to hate P and C beeeegg time!!!!!

*There is this terribly cute bag I saw at the mall a few months ago and now(!!!!) I want to buy it!!!!

*I am in terrible need of a pedicure , will get it done on Sunday

*Have to write an AIMCAT on sunday.In both the previous ones , I managed to not clear the quant cut off....which is sad, so am going to use a different strategy this sunday to get those silly 8-9 marks required to clear the cut off!!!!

*Am planning to go for a movie this Sunday, simply cuz one needs to have something to look forward to.

*have been getting this feeling that I am wasting my youth!!!!!ahem...

*I generally avoid using a pen, I prefer pencils to pens any day!!!

*Am not reading anything!!!

*Saw Gangster a few dyas back(piracy rox!! yayyyyyyyy) the girl is not so gud, as in I had heard that she is ossum and the suchlike...the Ahuja guy is terribly gud!!;)

*okay....I have to confess this right now.
(looks for cover and gets ready to make herself lost )I have been watching a rubbish soap of late.
The rubbish name of the rubbish soap is 'Kasam se'
Its terribly rubbish! Utter crap actually, but but but but tbut but..I like it and I watch it also.
In my defence , I must say that I do realize my folly and am ashamed of it .
And here I rest my case.
(serious look)
(looks around for a second and then as ppl advance towards her with their fists raised, Raam pyarri runs for her life!)

Over n Out!

P.S. I hereby try to promise that no matter who I am angry at, what I am going thru I will try to not delete my blog! I will try to understand that this is a blog and is in no way resposible for most things that happen in my life.
Also, I will try to understand that my blog is not a living thing, and by deleteing it, I am not doing myself any good.

P.S Lemme add that I did not publish by blog this time, ashaitan bandarr did! So, if u guys get to jhello me fer some more time its not my fault, bandarr ko pakdo!:D

I lost the smilethesmile URL *breaks into tears*


Rebellion said...

Me first bacchha :)

Okay.. first & formost Which bandarr you're talking about.. tell me quick, I need to catch hold of him........ Thanks karne ke liye >:D< :D

Apart, tension kyun lene ka.. main hun na :D

//"There is this terribly cute bag I saw at the mall a few months ago and now(!!!!) I want to buy it!"
Mumbai mein hai to I can help u :D

//"I am in terrible need of a pedicure , will get it done on Sunday"
Me too :(

//"Have to write an AIMCAT on sunday."
Aaalllll the Best bacchha

//"Am planning to go for a movie this Sunday, simply cuz one needs to have something to look forward to."
Thats grrr8, enjoy :)

//"have been getting this feeling that I am wasting my youth!!!"

//"I hereby try to promise that no matter who I am angry at, what I am going thru I will try to not delete my blog!"
Thank God.. Love you for that >:D<

//"I lost the smilethesmile URL *breaks into tears*"
Its ok friend, dont worry, keep another smiling URL and moreover, your smiling face is more important than the url :D

Keep Smiling bacchha..
Don't worry, be happy..

Take care,
Dost :)

ruchi said...

friend:you first!!!!!!!
yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!u get the gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hehehhe..i am going crazy!!!
haan...am normal now..thanks for ur concern.... it is so terrible now..earlier i cud rite rubbish and since a few ppl used to read it all was okay..but now u guys get so pareshaan when I am low...
love you:)

aMyth! said...

umm..yeah. i went to ur blog n found myself in unknown territory. (seemed like russia to me.. ;) ) well, smilethesmile is gone, but no worries...coz Ms.sillysillyBond is pretty good too, as long as u smile the smile :)

Raam Pyari said...

the myth!
//Ms.sillysillyBond is pretty good too, as long as u smile the smile :)

=)) thats so terribly creative!!!!
I am hoping mishter luke might let me have my smile back...but if thats not poss toh firr silly silly bond bhi chlega!

niv said...

hellooooo?? yar,at least reply to my comment aur leave some msg on my blog..coz abhi toh this the only way we cn be in contact.
havent accessed yahoo msngr for almost a week now..have to reload the program again it seems..neway.

Raam Pyari said...

which comment???
no comment me getz!!!
anywayz..plz load messenger as quick as poss so tht we can get bak to frequent jabbing!

niv said...

oh one more thing.
phone toh kar deti yar? when i got my 1st job..albiet i dint take it up..u wer the 1st person(after my parents obvio) i phoned.
and now i have to hear abt this frm ur blog..:(:(
(guilt trip for u..)

niv said...

comment is there ..under the name of dotty pixie..hehe.
check karo..chashma lagao..

Rebellion said...

Dost ji Frnd jee...

Thanks for giving me gold jee :D

//"i am going crazy!!!"
Goood.. I like my friends going crazy.. outta happiness haan \:D/

//"now u guys get so pareshaan when I am low"
That doesn't mean you'll stop writing what comes to your mind haan X-(

Love you too bacchha >:D<

Keep Smiling..
God Bless You :)

Take care,
Dost :)

SUNMAY said...

just one thing ...u need rest ! :P

Anonymous said...

aha! u luke better now..err..i mean u LOOK better now!:P!
Which pencil do u use?;)!..i use BENSIA..no need to sharp too..clever me!!:)!
Gangsterr girl is nt tht bad,haan! mujhe to achhi lagi!!..aur wo jo hai naa roshan shiney ahuja..wo naa mujhe bhi bahut mast lagta hai!:P!
Kasam se u shd watch "jabb luv hua" :))!=))!
All the best to u n ur cousins:)!!-Ms.Happening!!!

Sumit Tada said...

This is wrong!!!This is wrong!!!This is wrong!!!
You CAN'T change your blog address Randomly!!!
Ab batao agar isi time pe maine bhi apna blog band kar diya hota to????
Okey now I should cool down......
Thanx for telling about the address change but yaar seriously I was feeling very helpless everytime I entered "smilethesmile.blogspot.com" for past so many days!! Plzzz dont do this again , and if you have to, tell BEFORE not AFTER removing your blog......okey???

Sumit Tada said...

About the post:
- i also hate one P
- pencils are better than pens (hope u have heard the story about NASA, russians ,pen and pencil)
-piracy rocks (both movie/songs and software)
-i am TRYING to read so many things right now (ending up reading nothing)
-havent seen gangster(and most other latest movies) My turn to look for a hide!!
-try removing your blog this time!!!
-the monkey beats the blog-deleteing-bad-ruchi hands down!!!

Sumit Tada said...

BTW, if you had deleted your blog, how did u get all the posts(along with the comments) back???
Ya fir you made the backup before deleting the original one???

aMyth! said...

"terribly" creative???!!! :o

amit said...

seems a lot of things happening in ur life at the same time... no wonder i was thinking where 'smilethesmile' link go... :)
dont worry u wont hv to pay fr anything... i wont charge my frnds fr their link :)

Sayesha said...

I saw... some Henderson guy has your URL now! Arrgh! Maxxx angry! :@

I used to watch 'Tum Bin Jaaun Kahan' obsessively... hehehee :P Then the story got REALLY stupid and I stopped! But Vikas Bhalla was the best looker of the lot! :P

Gangster's strong point is the story and nothing else :)

Adarsh said...

finally aapka naya pata mil hi gaya humko....3-4 din se pehle waale gaon mein jaakar us idiot ko dekh kar pareshaan ho gaye the.....
wo to bhala ho blog search ka...jisne aapka naya pata jhat se bata diya aur hum aapke is naye gaon mein aa tapke !!!
* i liked gangster and Shiney Ahuja.
* i hate venn diagrams.
* i like pens.
* i don't know if i m wasting my youth
* i m planning to read angels n demons
* rest all is static...no1 is going newhere.

satish said...

just one thing

i gave aimcat too.

and if it makes you feel better i cudnt clear cutoffs in any of them BUT one.

now i dont want to make you sad but i did clear cut offs in quant. :|

Haresh said...

You can express yourself quite well. Keep on...

Sayesha said...

RP your URL reminds me of Lata Mangeshkar's song - Yara silly silly.

Raam Pyari said...

niv: yaar...I kno I kno..i sent u a mail firr koi problem ho gayi and firr I did not rite it again...
as soon as i came home sabse pehle I sent u an offline....
u r No ONE:D

//Dost ji Frnd jee...

Thanks for giving me gold jee :D

aap bhi jee jee karrke:D
waah! waah!!!!
//That doesn't mean you'll stop writing what comes to your mind haan X-(

no, i cannot rite in any other way:)

sunmaysunday z going to be rest day \:D/!!!!!!

creepu beti: //Kasam se u shd watch "jabb luv hua" :))!=))!

shaitaaan bachchi!!!!
kheeching my tang!!!

sumit: hey bhaggu!!!
calm down jee
shanti jee
sorry baba!!!
abb nee hoga aise..
*luks ashamed*
//Plzzz dont do this again , and if you have to, tell BEFORE not AFTER removing your blog......okey???


//if you had deleted your blog,
no I had not deleted it, I had changed the add, and not republished it.
chuppa diya tha bilog koh:D

the myth: yessss!!!
it is!!!!
i mean it is terribly creative!

amit: waah!! waah!!!
glad to have u bakkkkk!!!!
saw ur comment on PG also!!
and I was like..enjoyingmyself at blogger=amittttttt!!!!
went thoda crazy seeing u there:)

bahin://'Tum Bin Jaaun Kahan' obsessively

*luks around*
errrr...ummm..*luks arounda bit sheepishly this time*
me too.

adarsh://3-4 din se pehle waale gaon mein jaakar us idiot ko dekh kar pareshaan ho gaye the

i no i no..
boht logon koh pareshaan kiya meine..
but koi nahi...
hota hai na:)
plz keep visiting my village:D
aapka swagat hai!

satish://and if it makes you feel better i cudnt clear cutoffs in any of them BUT one.

koi nahi re!!!
work karenge toh kutch achcha hi hoga:D

haresh thanku. and welcummmm:)

bahin://your URL reminds me of Lata Mangeshkar's song - Yara silly silly

aisa koi gana tha:O:O:O:O

Shreyansh said...

Ye kya hua ... blog address fir change maar diya ?
The new one is quite cool !! :P :D

Sayesha said...

You haven't heard Yara silly silly?????? :O :O :O

Okay fine, it was actually Yara seeli seeli. But you haven't heard it???? It's one of her BEST!!!

Drop me a mail, will send it to you.

Shekhar said...

Agli baar aisi bhool na ho...dil ko zordar jhatka laga when I couldn't find your blog. You'd better not do it..especially when so many people care for you and your blog.

Sumit Tada said...

Lekin Kaise mila????
Kaise kaise kaise?

Aur haan ab to isi khushi mein ek lambiiiiiii si post ho jaye??

!xobile said...

thanks 2 the bandar..

ranjan said...

Ohh, I the uninformed one doesnt even know wat went in between :), but if u changed blogs n all and got back as well..kool, WB :)

Rebellion said...

Frrriend !!!!

You got your smile wala url back :D

Mubarak ho dost jee

*doing the dhakki tikki dance..
bhangra way* \:D/

Now don't even try to hide or change it okay!!!

Hope to see you smiling...
Close up muskaan :D

Take care,
Dost :)

Raam Pyari said...

shreyansh: aur firr se bhi:D

bahin//You haven't heard Yara silly silly?????? :O :O :O

abb to add fir change ho gaya..bt I wanna hear tht song!!!!
will mail you!

fellow martian: naa jee..abb aisa nee hoga.

sumit//Lekin Kaise mila????
Kaise kaise kaise?

yeh sab details agali post mein ..

ranjan panjan: //but if u changed blogs n all and got back as well..kool, WB :)
haan jee...utha patak hui thodi boht..
but abb sabb okay hai.

friend//You got your smile wala url back :D


aMyth! said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
aMyth! said...

sillysillyBond.. back with the smile eh? cool!!

Kishley said...

Hey so that is why i got some other blog.. what happened btw?

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

I think you are giving too many exams these days.
This time 'answer in points'...what will be next...answer in brief?

Anonymous said...


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